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Monday, August 6, 2012

lilla rose giveaway {now CLOSED!}

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Girls, Girls, Girls!!
 Have you ever heard of lilla rose (hair accessories)?
I haven't either, until recently.  Well, listen up!

I've got something pretty and exciting to share with you, today!

Lilla Rose is a company, home to the most beautiful and amazing hair accessories you will find anywhere.  It's rather interesting how these barrettes, particularly their Flexi Clips are made.  You might find it intriguing that they use music wire (used commonly to string pianos and guitars) which gives it, it's flexibility.  The idea of these hair accessories has me intrigued.  I like that they have featured design for each month... which is kinda cool.  As well as seven different sizes available for the Flexi Clip.  There is a lot of variety for every one and for every hair style.

I think the biggest problem you'll find is trying to decide which one you like best!  But to give you an opportuntiy...

I'm so excited to let you in on a fabulous giveaway. It will go for all week - starting today and ending on Friday at 10:00pm, EST. Hosted by a good friend of mine, named Heather, who has just recently started selling lilla rose. 

 Check out her website:  www.lillarose.biz/heathershappyhair

Heather just asked me, not too long ago,  if I would consider doing a giveaway on my blog...in exchange for a chance to try out a Flexi Clip (or two!) and to do a review on it.  I said, SURE!!  Absolutely.
My hair and I have "issues".  Sometimes I like to wear it short, sometimes I like it long.  Lately I've been wearing my hair longer to be able to wear barrettes in it - better.  The problem was (not that it was really a problem) that I've had the same two barrettes like since forever.  I've never found anything else that compared both in design and style. When my friend Heather showed me these flexi hair clips I was taken by the prettiness of them.  They reminded me of my own... from long ago.

I'll admit I was a bit intimidated on how to get these new Flexi Clips to work - correctly.  But once I got the idea of it, and had done it a few times...I was good to go.  I do have a funny to share with you, though.  A mutual friend of both Heather and I mentioned to me one evening (as we sat around a picnic table at a church function)...that I had my flexi in backwards.  I thought she meant that I had it going the opposite way of the way I normally put it in.  Nope!  I had it inside out and upside down.  The flowers were hiding in my hair. 

I have no idea what happened or how... I'm just grateful she noticed it.

The Flexi Clip I'm wearing , in these photos, is a size Small.  I got it this size so that I could wear my hair in various styles.  I like it because it goes well with a lot of my clothing choices and find myself wearing it a lot, due to it's easy and comfortable fit.  I feel pretty!

By the way.  Do you like these photos?  My two children took them for me, of me, one morning.   I was rather impressed.

It is very important though to have the right size in order for it to always feel the most comfortable.  I think I'll be getting myself a size Extra-Small the next time I order another clip or two.  I think I would like for mine to feel a bit tighter.

If you would have any question about what size would be best for you... you should check out this link.  It is very crucial to watch the sizing video that Lilla Rose has available or you can just  read about it there, on line, as well.

The clip that Aubrey (my three year old) is wearing, here in this next photo, is a size Mini.  I'll be quite honest... she too should probably have an Extra Small, which is the next size up.  It  is surprising how thick her hair is.

The Mini is tiny.  Great for wispy, fine hair or just several strands - pulled just so.

Are you interested in winning a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip for yourself?  You know you want to.

Obviously you will want to leave a comment, here on my blog, to enter to win.  With this, I would like for you to tell me what size flexi you think you are, which style is your favorite and when and where you would wear it.
So, go Heather's website  to check it out.  There are so many beautiful Flexi Clips, Head Bands, Bobby pins, Hair Sticks and You-Pins, Necklaces, Earrings and Badge Clips to choose from.  But, mostly the most amazing hair accessories you will find.

For an additional entry, go to Heather's facebook and Like her page there.  Come back here, comment again, letting me know you did that.  And for an additional entry... post this on your own blog - telling your readers to come by Treasured Up and Pondered and check this out.

Three possible entries:
-Leave comment here - saying what size, style and when and wear you would wear a lilla rose hair accessory
-"Like" Heather's facebook page.  Come back here and let me know you did
-Post this on your own blog - telling about the giveaway over here at Treasured Up and Pondered. Come back and let me know you did this, too.

Heather will be sending you a gift certificate (valued up to $15) to put towards the Flexi Clip (actually, any lilla rose item) of your choice.


Oh, you want some happy, happy hair.  Some happy, happy hair...
I will do my very best to help you get some happy, happy hair.

Have fun!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautiful! I would probably go with a small and I liked the celtic knot and the cross flexi clips.

  2. I liked Heather's face book page and I also forgot to include how I would wear the clip in my last comment. I wear my hear up in a ponytail or in a tails up type thing ALL the time in the summer. I can't stand to have it on my neck, it's too hot! :)

  3. Well...I would probably wear it to Caleb's wedding! I'm not sure yet which one I like the best, there are a lot of pretty ones! I did "like" Heathers fb page, also. Oh yeah, I'd prob. go with a small. Love ya, Gail R.

  4. Now those are really pretty! Thanks for the verses you left for me on my blog from Ecc. - I am looking forward to crawling into bed tonight and reading and pondering on them.

  5. I would love the Multi-colored Stone Cluster Clip in size small. It is so colorful if would go with anything.

  6. Shared on my blog

  7. Was here earlier today and forgot to leave a comment. Went right to lilla rose website to check it out and never came back.

    So, I'm loving the bobby pins. I think they would be a cute addition to my up-do (pony tail) when I'm workin out. Oh, who am I kidding? I don't work out. Need to start. Anyway, got a little side-tracked there.

    Pick me. Pick me.

  8. I beleive I would be a medium. I would love to have 3-2097 roman stone lite sapphire. I would wear it everywhere :)

  9. I have been wanting to get my hands on one of these. I think a small would work for a half up/half down hairstyle.


  10. I already bought two from Heather, but I'd love another. I have a med. and large and think a smaller size you work well, too.

  11. Already have a mini and would like another one to wear to work or church.

  12. Thanks for telling me about this Bev! They look beautiful!

  13. Since I already purchased a small one (can't wait to get it!) I think I would try the mini for a small pull back... or the you pins... or the head bands... or give a gift! Endless possibilies. :)
    - Amanda

  14. i would be interested to sign up for the hair clip.
    ~ deb s.

  15. Hi Bev and Heather! Bev, you don't know this but Heather and I recently met and we are soon to be new best friends!! I love the hair accessories and I have bought a few things from Heather! I love the you pins! I can get my super long hair up in one neat and tidy bun and it stays all day long! Gwen actually has the same exact flexi clip as Aubrey and it looks adorable in her hair!! She calls it her mini!! "Mom, can you put my mini in?" I also have a size medium flexi clip but I'm not sure the design name. I have my eye on "festive fallen leaves" to purchase at a later day and I plan on getting my sister something since she took over my catalog and circled a bunch of things! Hers's to winning the giveaway!!

  16. Hi Bevy,

    I just recently started reading your blog, and I love it!! Your wonderful personality totally shines through your writing!
    I like the Contemporary Flower Flexi Clip 2-1786 in medium. I would use it for the up-do I always wear and Kel could wear it when she puts her hair up.

    Hope you are having a good day.


  17. I have a couple of these clips and love them. I would like a mini also to try on Anberlin when she gets a little more hair:)
    Vickie H

  18. flexi medium for me please in celtic knot gold!

    thanks for the chance bevy!!!

  19. I think they are great, i think i would be a small. i usually wear a ponytail. RA

  20. I would like a large one and I would use it in my daughter's very curly hair.

  21. Hi, I am one of those lurkers on your blog. I enjoy stopping by, but am to private of a person to ever reply (much) to anything. ;) I would love to be entered in the contest.

    Have a great day.

  22. Bevy~ I have always wanted to try one of these!!
    I would like the Celtic Cross in a small.
    Or one of those flowery o-rings.
    Or some sparkly bobby pins....
    You know, pretty much anything! ;o)

  23. Nothing like waiting until the last minute... :)

    I read this right after you posted it, and it's taken me this long to get back here to tell you just how much I love the lilla rose hair accessories! I've never seen anything like them before. If I had to choose my favorite, it would be the flexi clip, especially the celtic knot and the heart. I think I'd need a small, and I'd wear it anytime and anywhere!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  24. I Liked Heather's FB page. :)

  25. I blogged about the giveaway and linked back to you. :)


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