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Thursday, August 2, 2012

my Shepherd

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The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want...
Psalm 23:1

I didn't realize, I mean it wasn't my intention, that I was going to be doing a mini-series here. 
But, here we go!  And of course, my thoughts have been so random about this, but so it goes.
The Lord keeps bringing things to mind as I continue to reflect on this portion of Scripture, and so, as he does that, I'll just keep on sharing it with you. 
Hopefully, you don't mind.

Obviously when you think of a shepherd you think of sheep.  And rightly so. 

Since I don't have the privilege of sheep out in my back yard I thought I would share a photo of the farmer - my landlord -and his cows.  I have to tell you about these cows.  They know the voice and presence of Mr. A...
As soon as he walks into the barnyard to feed or check in... they literally come running across the meadow.  Especially when he gives out a particular "call" that he has. 

This photo was from earlier this spring as he was on "standby" while one of the cows was about to calve.  I took this photo out of an upstairs bedroom window... it just caught my attention, of how this farmer-man  "lovingly" looks after and cares for his herd. 

He really does.

When you read about shepherds calling for their sheep and the sheep come to follow the voice of their shepherd... you can picture a beautiful scene, can't you?  It's a scene that displays a sense of belonging
Of Knowing.  Of being cared for.  As sheep towards the shepherd.
They have all they want...

I hope and pray that I know my Shepherd's voice.  Well.
Not just his voice.

But Him as...my Shepherd.
In his presence...I shall not want.

I shall not want...
anything more.
anything less.

I shall not be in want...
He is good.
He sees to every need, every care, every desire, every qualm.
This is so comforting.

Friend, do you know the good Shepherd?

You can.

He's calling...

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  1. Beautiful post Bevy. Thank you for sharing your heart. Oh how WONDERFUL our Saviour is!!

    Many Blessings to you!


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