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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sending it on ahead

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I don't mean when someone gives you a sucker-punch that you need to "return the favor" to someone else.  Not like that.  Not at all.  Sometimes we do that though, don't we?  Our tendency can be when someone isn't nice to us, or we've had a bad day, that we're quick to take it out on someone different.  Totally undeserved.

In another way we can become stingy... not sharing...due to "our feelings".  We let our feelings dictate our day.  Or, our day dictate our feelings.  I humbly acknowledge - I struggle here.

But, paying it forward - usually means extending an act of kindness.

I've been thinking about this phrase pay it forward (sending it on ahead) for awhile now.  And, I know I've talked about this before... I just needed to bring on a fresh reminder to my own soul today.

There are so many things that can be done to bless on ahead.

I love the verses in Proverbs 3:27-28.  They read...

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.  Do not say to your neighbor, "Come back later; I'll give it to you tomorrow" when you now have it with you.

These verses have helped me so much to think about ways to daily encourage, bless and or befriend.  Do I do it well?  No (as I've already said), not as well as I would like.

This takes practice.  This is kindness.

When an opportunity presents itself to extend a smile, share some encouragement, give a hug, make a meal, send a card, offer to babysit, wash someone else's dishes or offering to do their laundry on top of your own...pitching in to pick up their toys - again! - all without grumbling.  It's taking on another form of hospitality.

We all have the power to act.  It's not just being on the constant receiving end.  But it is taking what someone gives you and sending it on to someone else who (also) deserves it...and needs a blessing.

How are you fairing on this payment plan of sending it on ahead?


  1. Helping a friend who kept us at their home pack.. Their daughter is like Chantel's big sister.. and we can just talk about anything. It's more involved than expected.. but glad we can give back to them, after what they have given us..

    Also, making Zucchini Bread this summer and passing it on to others.. :-) It's like a memory of my dad, always gardening.. always giving things away.. Always for others.. Not as hard in that area, when I've been taught so well. My dad was an excellent cook, like I've heard of his mom,( never ate her food, heard about her cooking.. She was in a wheelchair until I knew her.)

    Sharing whatever God gives us.. (time for me is the hardest) Money and our pool this summer, helped to entertain and reach out to family and some friends too. Pushing me back into what we have loved to do, but I couldn't handle.

    Prepping to teach Chantel's 4th grade S.S. class and still uncertain about the school year ahead.. How busy will I be. Subbing?

    Still dealing with stress, grief, and loss. this week our child would have been 2 years old.. Joy Schultz.. Also, remembering seeing my Aunt in the hospital and the downward spiral that started with the first day of school.. Trying to have hope for the future.. and a better school year ahead. :-) ???

    Thanks for sharing your heart.. Hope this explains where I'm at.

  2. Loved the verses. Needed the reminder. I mentioned on my blog about tearing others down with words, well the flip side of that is lifting them up and I must admit I'm not so good at giving praise where praise is due. I also don't open up my home too often. Not because I don't want to, more because I think "who really wants to come anyway?" I will try to do better. As soon as I start to make new friends. :\

  3. I love that verse. What a challenge! Choosing reactions that are independent of how we are feeling inside is a self-discipline absolutely worth investing practice on. Blessings to you, Bev, as you seek to train your heart in this way. You're in good company. :-)


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