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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This year of change is made for memories...

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Well.  Thank you, dear friends, for your kind words and comments left yesterday on my post.
I must admit, this morning it was still pretty tough/interesting...as I prepared to send my little guy off to school for his FIRST official day of Kindergarten.

I wanted to have a photo of him with the bus.  I took one photo and then my camera battery died.
It seems like I've got this said issue in not-so-perfect timing.  It always happens to me.

Here is the one that I got of him as we're waiting for the bus.  He was acting goofy and not really helping me to get a decent photo.  We'll blame it on the nervous jitters...

Here is why I say that.

This morning, while upstairs getting ready and brushing teeth, Caleb says to me, looking at me in the bathroom mirror... "Mom, I'm just really nervous".  I pulled him into a hug and gave him a big kiss on his forehead.  When I probed him as to why? - blinking back my own tears while reminding him that Jesus is always with him no matter where he goes and what he does, he said..."I just don't know the directions to my school".  So, we talked some more and off we went.  Out the front door to wait for the big yellow bus.

The girls were out with us too.  It was a family affair to have big brother do something so brave as this and be off and on his own (in a sense) to "face the world".
The yellow lights turned to red, the stop sign came out and then the bar.  That was when he knew it was okay to leave my side and walk for the VERY FIRST TIME out onto our street.  He waved to the bus driver as he crossed.  She is introducing herself to me through the window - a very friendly face and exchange of pleasantries.  I felt (MUCH) better.  I see his little head bob down the isle past the seats of other children...almost to the back of the bus.  It's where he wanted to sit. :)  He waved out the window.  The bus pulled off and Caleb was no longer looking out the window at us.  He was turned and it looked like he was engaged in a moment of "taking this dream come true" all in.

I turned...with the girls in tow... tears streaming down my face.  Again.  The questions looming large.  My spirit is not quiet.  I have peace but yet I don't.  This is too soon.  I've been ready.  But are we/have we done the right thing?  Sending him to this school.

The morning passed by quickly and soon it was time for me to go and pick him back up.  Busing isn't available for the middle of the day anymore.  And so, here begins a new chapter of our lives.  In the photo above, I'm sitting in a line of cars waiting to pick up our children. I'll be doing this every day there is school.
 My Caleb is last little guy on the bottom far right hand corner of the photo.  My he looks like a little guy.

You know what? 
He made it. 
I made it.
We managed to survive the unknown of the day.

Switching gears here.

Let's talk birthdays.

Jayne's first birthday was last Friday.  I had been contemplating for awhile what I wanted to do.  I found some cute little bunny napkins, probably meant for Easter but they worked.  They were cute and pink.
I also saw this idea for a birthday cake in a magazine of mine and thought I would whip this up (oh sometime in between company coming overnight and a yard sale that I did on Saturday)...as we were planning her "birthday party" for Saturday evening.

Basically it is two 9" round cakes.  You take the one and cut it like this.  Kinda like the seams of a baseball.

The outer curved pieces form the ears and the inside piece is the bow.

It didn't take too long.  Nothing major to worry about.  I just used a heavy dose of sprinkles and all were happy.

Even Jayne.  Of course!  It was her birthday and one must have a piece of her own birthday cake.

I can't believe I didn't get any specific photos of that... mess!  But, that's okay.  I remember it well enough. Thank you.

This next photo is just one of many of her "opening up" birthday gifts. I love this picture because it shows just how much the girls do really look alike.  People say it to be true... but I don't always see it.  Well, this photo lets me see they are definitely sisters.  Not that I need proof or anything.

It was a wonderful weekend... for sure.  As mentioned we were at my sister's, on Sunday, for her husband's birthday (which was meant to be a surprise) which was on Saturday.  My other sister's birthday was on Sunday.  So, needless to say...I'm birthday'd out.

Aubrey's is next (coming up in September) and she wants a Cinderella Birthday.

Which reminds me.  I need ideas.  I think I'm going to try and use my batter bowl from Pampered Chef and use that for the skirt of a little girl and yet we are not a barbie household.  What will I do for a true "Cinderella" doll?  I'll have to come up with something.

I also wanted to say this.  Now with Caleb off to school every morning.  It's going to give Aubrey the chance to be the "Big Sister" and I've already been noticing how the girls really do play so well together.  I'm truly excited to see what the Lord does over this year... of Change.

I would be remiss to tell you that I've NEVER showed you Caleb's birthday photo -  from way back in May.  Sorry about that.

I found this photo.  While editing the others here and thought I really needed to add this one in to this post.  This photo always makes me break out into a smile... almost as big as his.  From ear to shining ear.

I did not make or decorate this cake. 

But let me tell you.  I know we made this boy's day... when this was the cake for his birthday. He had begged and begged for a Cars cake with Lightning McQueen on it.
In fact.  Caleb said to us...that THIS WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY - EVER!!

Made for memories.  Made for memories.


  1. Oh Bevy...
    I know this feeling of sending them off.
    I have done it 3 times.
    The last time may have been the hardest.
    Then again...they were all hard looking back.
    Time will tell and you'll know.
    Thinking of you tonight.

  2. Okay, I'm crying . . . how I remember some of the "firsts"! Such wonderful memories! And then they go and get married . . . As happy as I was, I cried for weeks! lol Love ya! ~You know who~

  3. Beautiful post Bevy! I almost cried reading it - sending your little man out on his own... so brave...for both of you! :) We tried pre-school...it lasted two 'weeks' - HA! Not that homeschooling dosen't come with it's own tears! ;) LOL!!! Love the cakes!!! :)

  4. Very moving post, Bev...good for this teacher to hear the parent perspective...:) ~Rachelle


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