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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

about that salsa

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I wish I had a photo, proof of the 15-20 hot peppers that we were recently gifted to us.


Hot peppers. But how hot?  That I didn't know.  I just kinda figured...

Well.  We'll just leave that as an open ended  - duh moment.
Even I, Bevy, have those moments from time to time when it comes to being in the kitchen.
I have never worked with hot peppers in my life.   I did know you should wear kitchen gloves when seeding them.  I had happened to read that somewhere, over the course of time.

And as well, I was recently gifted with a large bag of plum tomatoes.  That needed serious attention.

I thought I could maybe make some salsa.

But, before I started.

Yes!  I need to make sure you know that fact.

Before I started, I got to talking to some dear friends of ours, one weekend, who happen to know A LOT about HOT PEPPERS!  Thankfully, they took the bunch of them off our hands.

All but one.

I wish I could write out EXACTLY the words said and how they were expressed when I mentioned that I was thinking about putting all 15-20 hot peppers into a single batch of salsa.

Basically, I was told that ONLY ONE hot pepper would be plenty for a total quart of salsa.
Granted my recipe actually only made a single batch of two quarts (4 pints), because that is all the tomatoes that I had had... but all the while I laughed, astonished at myself, at the potential story as it replayed over and over in my mind.

What if ... ?

This particular "conversation" took place on one weekend.  
We were going to see these same friends of ours the following weekend.
So, on Saturday, when I told my five year old son that company was coming later that evening.  He said.  "You mean, this is the next weekend already? And these are our friends who saved our lives?  From the peppers?"

Yes! son.
They saved our lives.  And many others lives as well.


So, these same friends came over on Saturday evening.
WE daringly pulled out a jar of this salsa.

Put it in a bowl.
And the four of us (adults) each with a chip in hand, took a dip of this homemade salsa to all taste test this together.

And, you know what?  It was really, really good.

Here is the recipe I used.

~ Salsa~

7 cups chopped, peeled and seeded plum tomatoes
2 cups chopped sweet onion
a total of 1 1/2 cup chopped hot peppers and green peppers.
(this included: one Habenaro pepper, one calhoun? pepper, one sweet banana pepper and some green bell pepper from my freezer)
1/4 cup red wine vineagar
1/2 cup tomato sauce, + 1/4 cup of water
1 1/2 T. salt
1 1/2 T. chili powder
1 1/2 T. garlic powder
1 tsp. cumin
3 heaping T. of cornstarch (or clear jel)
2 T. dried minced garlic
1 T. brown sugar
handful of flat leaf Italian Parsley leaves (from my garden)

Mix all ingredients and bring to a boil.  Put in jars and cook in hot water bath for 10 minutes to seal.

Yield: 4 pints


Another delicious way to serve salsa is to place a desired amount of softened cream cheese onto a platter.  Enough to spread nicely.  I usually will use a 8 oz. for one large dinner plate size.  If you must, you can soften slightly using a microwave.

Spread a couple of large spoonfuls of salsa onto to top of Cream Cheese.
Sprinkle generously with grated Cheddar Cheese over that.
Fresh parsley for garnish is optional.

Dig in, with tortilla chips, and enjoy!

Oh!  and another thing I learned working with hot peppers.  Either don't drop seeds on the floor.
Or else, wear something on your feet.



  1. It. was. awesome....

    Even though you got "bit" while preparing it...

  2. Ooh bevy! Thanks for telling me! I had no idea eaither! That salsa looks sooooo delish! I have a jalepeno growing in a pot,so now maybe I can use it;). Blessings, christina

  3. mmmm.
    I wish my tomatoes gave me enough to make some of this!

    1. Did I mention I used mostly (small)plum tomatoes? They seem to be the best for salsa making (so I've read) and the longest part of making this salsa was the seeding and skinning of the tomatoes. I thought about the hot water/ice bath to make the skins peel easier but I didn't have that many to make that part of it - worth it.


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