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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

All I want is to be in the Light!

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This morning, I awoke to be the beautiful sound of the falling rain.  Such a cozy sound and one where I wanted to curl up even closer to my hubby and "sleep in" a little longer.

But my thoughts wouldn't let me.

I kept revisiting an interesting conversation, in my head, that our little ones were having with us as as we were driving home, one night - in the dark. 
 I only hope and pray that I can paint the picture with my words the way it went down.

"Dad, why is it so dark outside?", the question was asked.

As we drove, the high beams and low beams of other cars coming toward us broke into the darkness.  So, did the various lights, shining out of windows, from homes along the way.

That light only lasted as long as we saw it and then it passed out of sight.

I got to thinking to myself, because by now the conversation had shifted on to something else... about how - if one were lost in the darkness - if you can find a light and by walking or stumbling toward it, that there might be hope for you.  Right?


But - do you trust that light, in that moment?  I actually went here with my thoughts...but, what if it's the long black train?  I mean, you found a light and you're walking towards it!!  It must be good.


Many people are disillusioned to the fact that if they hang around long enough near the light(s) of community, see the street lights off in the distance, hang out next door to traffic, etc., that they are okay; that they are "good enough".  They can see!  They are no longer in the darkness. Right?
Again.  Maybe, but wrong!

However, as our vehicle bumped and rolled along the curvy back roads, heading home, that night.  It was like it was a clear picture of what it meant to be IN the light.  Here we were safely tucked inside the moving vehicle. Every which way we turned, the light from our car was shining brightly ahead of  us, and around us, allowing us a full lighted path to "follow".

You see! It is not just seeing a light up ahead or shining off "over there", that makes it enough for us to be truly in the light.

We need to literally be in THE LIGHT to be part of it.

To explain this to my four and five year old was lost on them.  They didn't get it.
In reality they are (still) lost...spiritually.

Every day - as I and my husband - are in the Light of God's Word and we live out the reflection of God's goodness to us; we bear witness to that light. 

It reminds me of a song, by DC Talk.  And this is my prayer...

 Someones comment, yesterday, got me. Actually a lot of you basically said the same thing...and I summarize.  How true it is... the one (me!) who is the most vulnerable to the schemes of darkness is the one not IN-dwelling in the true light of life.

Lord, be my light and be my salvation.  Because all I want is to be in the light!

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  1. What a good picture of what it me to be in the light. Thanks for sharing Bev!


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