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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Trails...

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Happy, happy (rainy) Labor Day Monday to you.  Well, and now that it is almost over... and time to hit the hay (Yay!), I can honestly say it was a happy, happy day.

I love falling rain.  Number one.

Two.  My kids were gone for the day.  Sure, I missed them.  But my brother (Uncle J.) came over first thing for breakfast this morning because he had plans to take them "home" to hang out at Grandma's for the day... giving Scott and I a teeny-weeny *break*.  And for that I ... I THANK HIM!!!!

Scott is still studying hard for his BA. He really needed a full day with no interruptions to
get somewhere on his studies and I think it worked.  And besides I was busy taking care of some tomatoes - turning them into Salsa.  There is a funny story with this one - but you're going to have to wait to hear about it.

I got four nice pints out of the deal.  Very pretty and proud of it!  I just hope it's not too, too hot.  We'll see.

Plus.  We have had some turn of events in our family over the weekend.  Grandpa (Scott's grandfather) passed away over the weekend.  So, we'll be heading out to VA, midday tomorrow... after Caleb is out of school.

(Amanda, I sure wish you lived closer to the Eastern Seaboard!  As that is where we're headed.)  So, of course I spent the day packing up.  Again... another blessing that the children we're having fun at Grandma's.

Pray for us, as we travel.  Just wanting you to know...I'll be "away and off of the computer" for a couple of days.  Looking forward to catching up with ya'll later on this week.

Although I could say more here (running out of time) I just want to say blessings on your day.

Gotta go!  Road Trip here we come...


  1. Praying for safety on your trip! I've been busy with tomatoes, too.

    1. Thank-you, Jenn. We've made it here safely and looking forward to time with family today.

  2. thinking of you friend and happy to see you got there safely!


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