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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sew Up (and the Winner is...)

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~ Homespun Baby! Shoes ~

(gift) order for Deb S.
Congrats on your new little country pumpkin, my friend!!

Business for a Bevy of Old & New  (formally Bags by Bevy) has been on the semi-slow side.
Aside from making a pair of baby shoes every now and then, primarily made as gifts, I haven't been too busy.  Oh, I mean there has been a sale here and there, but...

I'd like to change that. 
I'm gearing up.
I'm ready. 
I want to Sew Up!

I've been thinking just how in the world I can pick business back up? 
 It's not that I need to do this, it's that I've been mostly doing it for fun.  And, that is quite okay. 

Time is of the essence.
It would be nice to have more of that - undivided time- and who doesn't? want more of that.

So, while I figure out just how I might be able to "tackle" more sewing of bags and pocket pouches in and during my already too busy of days...

I'll go ahead and settle up with the winner of the Mugs & Muffins giveaway.  Drawn at random...


Congratulations, Janelle!  I'll be sending these two items out to you as soon as possible.  All the way to Missouri - here they come.
Just email me your mailing address (if you don't mind) to make sure I've got it correctly.  Thanks!

Thanks for joining in, with all your wonderful thought and comments.  Greatly appreciated.


  1. thanks so much to you and to the ladies who gave these items! i am so excited! the cards look beautiful! i still love "snail mail". my grandmother had a card ministry and i always thought it was neat. i try to keep up with birthdays and things too.

  2. Congratulations, Janelle! Enjoy your gifts! Becky *seasonedwithsalt*

  3. Bevy - "sew" many times I have this too! How can we "sew up" more and still get all the nitty gritty of our homes, husbands, and kids done? :) Becky


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