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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Real Princess Showed Up

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Dearest Aubrey,

Today is a very special day for you.  One where you are about to enter a whole new world of delight.  An age that you've been pushing to fit into for a long time now, because it seems as though you've been three for a really, really long time.
  You've shown yourself to be creative, talented, funny and more-then-age appropriate on more then one occasion.  It's true.  You have had your young (true-to-life, your age of three) moments as well... more times then can be counted.
But it's sure been a lot of fun to watch you grow up - to what you are today.

A wanna-be princess ... because, I think you wore these shoes all day, today.

You are...

A mama's big helper
A big sister
A little sister
Daddy's girl
a tomboy, too
Yet, all you want to wear are dresses and skirts. ;)
"a good cooker like momma is"
an artist
an imaginative friend
a really good "detective" (I mean, you can sniff out chocolate like when it was so five minutes ago.  You get me every time.)
You watch.  You observe.  You listen.  You're mannered...and well, you're still working on that one.  But you do really well.

You're vivacious.
You're sweet and genteel
You're compassionate and passionate.

You're stubborn.
And strong.  I mean really strong.   As you can drag your brother around at a dead weight like you were a Rescue Hero or somethin'.

Yes!  you're play in action can be really something to listen and watch out for, as a mother.  Some days I have no idea if what I'm hearing is "for real" or not.  More often then not - me hearing "MOM!!"" at the top of your lungs is a false alarm because you're just playing dolls. 

I get you.

You're my daughter.

I really love that you name your dresses to tell them apart - so that I know which one you're talking about.

I love you and yes!  You can have another snack... but you'll for sure eat us out of the house and home. Why not?

If only you'd stop falling asleep at the table and eat you're supper when it's time - maybe you wouldn't need a snack. ;)  (Well, actually you are kinda growing out of that phase - finally!)
So, I know you wanted a Princess Birthday - Aubrey.
Mommy tried.
I couldn't get "my idea" to come together - well enough.
Running out of time and energy...needless to say.

So thank you for being okay with cupcakes and lots and lots of  (PINK!) sprinkles.

You're kinda sweet like that.
I thank you!!

Here's to you!  Strubbly head and all...
My fair lady, my little princess.

Wearing your "flower, flower, flower" dress.

Yes! you are.

Happy 4th Birthday!
My little love.


Love, Mommy

(of course, Daddy, Big Brother and Little Sis too!)


  1. What a sweet post. Happy birthday to Princess Aubrey.

  2. Beautiful Bevy!!! So sweet!! I LOVE that she names her dresses!!! Soo cute!!! What a lovely little lady you have there!!

  3. Very sweet, Bev. Your little red-head is a one of a kind! Happy birthday, Aubrey!


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