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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this word :: community

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I've been reading, here of late - this word - this sense of community.   I've been struck and challenged to truly express what that "word" means for me, personally.  Community {defined by Bevy} is a place where I feel at home - no matter who I'm with and where I am.

Now.  I didn't conjure that after moments of long thought.  NO.  It was truly, just now, off the cuff.
Community, at large, is often thought of a place, a gathering of many in one locale, sharing the same ideas, interests and values.  It's a common place. It's collective.

Essentially it's like putting the core of these two words -  Come + Union - together.

Basically, in order to have a sense of community, you have to show up.  Do you find that hard to do? 

I can.

Do you feel it - this community happening in your life?  Are you in it?  What does that (community) look like for you?  More often then not, if you're anything like me, you're tempted to stand on the shore line and look on? 

In community...the questions are real. 

They get deep.

I don't always like water.  Sometimes the waters are murky and I don't have a clear idea of who I am or what I want or am willing to contribute.  That alone holds me back.

(I have a situation in mind that I'm writing about here.  Though not quite ready to share.)

But the challenge I find is when I have friends calling - "dive in!, the water's fine".  Others who are pulling me back from the edge - saying you're better off where you are.  Applauding that my feet are still on dry ground.

Both places are real and could be a true place of community for me.


Yesterday, was a special day, for me.  I had the privilege of sitting across my dining room table,with another friend, over coffee and Bavarian Apple Tart, to lay it all out and share.  Gleaning from this old school friend of mine - getting an unbiased opinion about my "upset" and just catching a glimpse of how deep the water really might be.

That action alone.  Having this friend in my home - was, in a word, community.

I loved it!


  1. Hi Bevy!
    Well... blogger has changed a lot since I was on it last... and I accidentally deleted my last post~ but not before seeing your comment.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello.

    Things are going well... I am submersed in school with my girls and love it!

    Hope you are doing well also!!!!!!


    1. Thanks for turning around and coming back here to say "hi!" as well. I miss you - always, ALWAYS love your photo & quote combination posts.
      Good to hear from you again.

  2. I am finding community in a ladies Bible Study that I am leading. LOVING getting deeper with God with these ladies. I am learning to dive in!

    1. I'm so grateful to have this sort of community, too. Though I'm not leading a study.

      What are you currently studying, if I may ask?

  3. Writting things down helps to clarify any situation. It is always nice to share with a friend.
    Don't forget to take it to God.

    1. Amen and Always!
      Thanks for the gentle reminder, my friend. ;)


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