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Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 days :: Field of Dreams

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Happy Saturday, to you!!   And geez... it's almost over now, isn't it?

You might begin to think that we are always SO BUSY when it comes to the weekends and you know what?  You may be right.
I just came off of a very nice (and busy) Saturday, so far.  Actually, make that a very nice, safe weekend, so far.   If you took the time to have read my husband's Sabotage - from yesterday - then you would have read that we were having guests (almost like family) - overnight, Friday night - and so yeah!  2AM (actually more like closer to 3AM) was when I actually fell asleep and then off to a Ladies Breakfast, this morning - so I was up at 6:30AM.

Unfortunately, when I got home from the breakfast - I found out we have a sick little gal.  (So sorry to our guests - hopefully, you won't catch anything.)  As the afternoon went on she was only getting worse.
Pray for our Aubrey.  She never gets sick and so when she catches something - she really doesn't feel well.

Despite this, with Aubrey... my weekend has been going pretty well.

But I got to thinking...

I dream.
A big field of dreams.

You see,  I want my hospitality efforts to be noted as "unprecedented".   That... "She is - wholly at peace.  Without fail... able to go above and beyond in making my guests feel at home.  Any guest.  No matter who they are and why they need special attention... she's there!"

In reality.  I can't.

I can look across the field and see house after house after house of folks who in reality are my neighbors.  And, yet... are they really my neighbor?  Isn't that something that happens after and until I've (already) befriended them - or they me?

This whole series - so far - that I've been doing on Hearts at Home :: Extending Hospitality has caused me to ask, perhaps even rethink this question...

Who is my neighbor?

As I've alluded... it's far easier for me to say that my neighbor is the one who I constantly rub shoulders against.  My close friends who I see every week at church, or my family who is at my beckoned call.  They are the ones who I'm most comfortable with.  ALWAYS!  And they with me.  Somehow, that has already been established and you just KNOW they're your all-around-neighbor.

I least I say that this is WHO and what I only want my neighbor to be like.

Do you know what I mean?

In reality.  Your neighbor - whom we are called to love - is really anyone that we meet eyes with.  Anyone that we walk alongside of.  Stand behind or in front of... at the checkout, etc.

This is hard.

Did you know that when travelers would enter in through the city gates, in Bible Times, that the townsfolk would be there waiting for and willing to welcome "strangers" back to their homes, as overnight guests; giving them a meal for their continued journey the following day?

This would have had to take guts.  Don't you think?

In all honesty.  This is where the rubber meets the road for me.

I have a lot of field to walk through in order to make that dream of mine a reality.  I can sometimes be the most gun-shy person in the world.  My world.  And oh how easy it is to stay in the comfortable place.  There are no worn paths across "the field" of me extending myself... to be neighborly.  And even with my literal close, next-door neighbor(s) - some days it can be a real challenge to be real.  To be hospitable.   I confess... I struggle.  As much as I dream to be "RIGHT ON"... in so many ways and far too often I am not.

Is this, Can this be true for you, too?
What are your thoughts?

In a few days I will share a brave-challenge with you that I (our family) did take on  - so stay tuned for that.
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  1. Beverly... Thanks for sharing your heart once again. First, hope your daughter feels better.. Had a day of school cancelled to stay home and care for Chantel this week and God replaced it with 2 more days. Since we moved to our home and in our old neighborhood, we've gone Christmas Caroling to the homes of 21-25 neighbors and deliver cookies (usually with up to 10 children in our S.S. Class from church). We've done this since before Chantel was born. Excited to go again this year. We took a break the last 2 years, when we weren't teaching our class. Chantel is old enough to join our class this year. We did have her go in the stroller one year, but she doesn't remember that one.. That's helped us meet many neighbors by showing we care, in such a small way. Also, our church does the Inter Faith Hospitality Program.. one month a year.. where we make a meal and try to connect with others in need.. without a home.. or a job. etc.. and needing help to get back on their feet. Two examples we've been a part of.. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend ends well.

  2. Good stuff to think about Bevy. This is definitely something I need to work on. I'm a self check-out sort of person and need to step into the lines and extend hospitality a lot more. I've already been trying to do better about it.
    You know, each person we run into has a story. Something that is on their heart and minds and if I can offer a smile or even light conversation to them, maybe it will help to ease their burden. I know when I am struggling with something and I'm at work, a lot of times it's just the simple conversations that can help distract my mind and almost bring a fresh focus to what really matters.
    I hope I'm making sense.
    I love what you've been posting this month. Keep it coming.

  3. Prayers for little aubrey going up. Yes,this is something ive been working on,and probly will continue to work on. Im a shy person by nature. I have a heart for others,but can do better one on one than in a group. Since having kids,its really pulled me out of my shell. Ive also learned,i cant please everyone. That was hard,because im a people pleaser by nature. It is easy for me to have a yard full of neighbor kids,but harder to reach out to adults. Ive been making myself talk to people more,and it has helped some. I know that its not my heart thats unwilling. Its fear of rejection. But God is good,and He will give me what I need to do as He has asked,and give me the words to say. I pray His blessings over you and your family the rest of the weekend.

  4. Sometimes a smile is all it takes to make a neighbor feel welcomed.

    Love your 31 days!

    Is Aubrey better?

  5. Thank you all so far for your thoughts, your encouragement and for your prayers -especially for Aubrey.

    I've stayed home today, with her, from Church... and with medicine and a nice warm bath - she is much better. (Playing with her brother's Leggos.)

    She was running a pretty high fever last night and it's in her throat.

    She'll be fine...


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