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Monday, October 29, 2012

31 days :: Hospitality in Halloween. Really?

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It's a coming...that long, long walk. ;)

You might remember I recently posted a post, in this series, entitled: Field of Dreams.  I want to pick that "thought" back up today and tell you about a time when Scott and I and our two children, at the time, did actually walk "across the way" to our neighbors and well, don't let me get a head of myself.

First.  I want to clear the air about something.  You've seen the word Halloween in my post title and you've raised your eyebrows at me.  Listen...
 I am not condoning Halloween.  I don't like it.  I never have and I never will.  As my children get older - it's getting even harder to make it clear that we don't do Halloween - at least the way their friends might think.

So.  Now, on to my post.
 Halloween and Hospitality have a lot in common, okay?  Say - Yes!!!
And you ask - are you for real?
Yes.  Yes, I am.

A couple of years ago - I heard a radio conversation going on that gave me pause.
The morning show dude was saying something along these lines, regarding Halloween...

"Our neighbors may or may not be neighborly or (very) friendly.  At times, we wonder how to "break the ice" and really connect with them.  Well, Halloween is a time where people expect people to come to their doors.  THEY ACTUALLY LEAVE THE LIGHT ON, for you to "feel welcome".  They "plan" to treat you... if you show up."

Further more...

"What if we (as Christians) did the opposite, in a sense, and used these "open doors" as a way to meet our neighbors?  Use this as a tool to introduce yourself; be friendly/neighborly; treat them with fresh, home-baked cookies (or whatever), invite them to church, or find out if there is a way to do something practical for them.  Set up a time to come back and follow up...
Your kids are a great way to help "break the ice".  Get your church group involved.  Think hospitality... on the go!  Go out there... say hello... and bless them instead."

Well.  That resonated with me.  So Scott and I decided we were going to give this a try.  (Let me tell you, it's very nerve-racking!)  But we did it and I have a really cool follow-up story (the results) that you can read about, HERE

We're looking forward to doing it again this year, as well.  Will you join us?

:: These are Peanut Butter Bars with Chocolate Chips.  One problem...resulting out of our story... we found out later that the neighbors son is "highly" - not sure about deathly? - allergic to Peanut Butter.  That was not comforting to hear... but how we were to know?  I mean obviously nothing happened - she realized it before he got to them.

Oh, I felt so terrible.  So - no P.B. At least coming from us.

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  1. Even though I am a Christian I was raised "doing Halloween" and my husband and I "do Halloween". On my street everyone sits outside to hand out candy/treats. Besides getting to talk to our neighbors, as kids come by they get the treats and their parents get a Gospel of John or a tract or another kind of witness material. It doesn't matter if they throw it out because God's Word never goes out without a return of some kind. We have made an impact and given a witness. You never know what God will do with the scripture given out.

    1. That is true... God's Word certainly will go where and to whom and however He wills.

      Thanks for being "a witness". ;)
      Be safe!

  2. A wonderful plan, Bevy... We need to be open and welcoming to our neighbors and this is a great way to connect..


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