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Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 days :: It's your turn to speak!

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I just wrote out a whole post...about extending hospitality... and DELETED it...on purpose.

Hey, I'll be honest.

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Sometimes in the midst of this series it can feel flaunting.  I don't want it to feel that way.

That's what happened, just now.

And so...

It's gone!!

At least, that one is.

In Proverbs there is this verse that keeps coming to mind and reminding me of my place in this "conversation".  The verse says:

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; 
someone else, and not your own lips. 
(Proverbs 27:2)

So, in effort to keep balance here... I want to hear from you. It's your turn to speak.  Tell me  about someone else in your life!!!!  Who, is it that speaks volumes, to you, in terms of hospitality?

As well as, In your experience of sharing your hearts and your homes and your food and your fellowship... as you continue to practice that... what has "extending hospitality" taught you, and about you?  Are you a natural?  Or, do you need to practice and practice and practice?

It's okay.  We ALL need to just be faithful to do our best and be our best.  No expectations... but to be REAL.

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  1. I have enjoyed an older womans hospitality on a weekly basis. She has a big house,and great grandkids running around. I enjoy it because im always free to come over,night or day,to talk,or to help. She is usually constantly on the go,but she always makes time for me. With my family being miles apart, she is like my second mom. Her house isnt fancy. She doesnt serve appetizers or fancy foods. She serves her love,and that is what makes her special. She has been an encouragement in raising my family,and shes ready to listen with an open heart. I feel very blessed to have her in my life,and I hope one day,i can be half as hospitible as her.

  2. I love that line... she serves her love, and that is what makes her special.

    I'm sure, Christina... that in so many ways you already do more then you'll ever know.

    Isn't it so encouraging to have people in our lives that we can "learn" from.

  3. I hope so Bevy. Whatever good that I can encourage someone else with is because of someone else sharing with me. I have known loneliness,when there were no friends at all. I have known times when ive had a few great friends,and they have moved,or we have moved. There are seasons in our lives,and God brings people around in His timing. Blog wise,or friend wise. Thankyou for your encouragement. Ive loved this series. You have some really good things to share.

  4. Hi Bevy,
    If I can't be in my own home I want to go home-home. You know, the place where mom is. :) My mom is so great at this. She will drop everything (and she has a lot to do) and just visit with me (us). But that usually isn't good enough for her, she has to be in the kitchen making something for us to eat. She puts herself last every time. It could be mending, baking cookies for school, bandaging the bumps and bruises of many grandsons, drying tears (and not just those of the grandkids), playing the piano (while singing), giving love and encouragement, just to name a few. She makes me like to go home. I can put my feet up, relax, curl up in a blanket, take a nap, raid the fridge, whatever. I just feels like *home* when I'm there and I know it's because of her.
    Does it count to use your mom as an illustration for hospitality? I guess it should, because not everyone is as blessed as I am to have a mom like mine.


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