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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31 days :: Just for fun... Let's run a poll today.

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Let's pretend that you are having friend-guests in your home for their first time.
They have heard of your cooking.  
They may have even tasted of it, at some point - say, at a church function or at a get-together, etc.
But they have never set a toenail in your home before.
You know each other but not that well...at least you don't think you do.
You're friends, but still...?
When they arrive... you notice that they are wrestling in under their arm a couple of containers.
This is intentional on their part.
They are expecting to ask you to take leftovers home with them.

The letter "W" for ... What?!?!?!

What would you, as the hostess say, or allow to go through your mind?

A.) Think, "this is audacious!"

B.) Smile! but inside "roll your eyes"

C.) Smile! and take that as a compliment

D.) acknowledge that you're glad they thought of it and say, "Here...set them over here until after our meal."

E). Admit - you have done this yourself...

F.) Give them more then they expected and empty out the fridge with more of your weekly leftovers.
(speaking of... leftovers.  I have more to say about that sometime. Remind me!)

G) Apologize and say that there are no leftovers allowed... they have to Eat Up!!

F.) Pray that they even like your meal number one, and two that there might be something to put back into those containers.

G.) Again, you shake your head - and wonder at their comfortableness; attempting to fathom that they would bring their own containers...

H.) Consider the fact that they don't get out much, that you might need to have them over again

I.) Say, "What a great idea!" and try that the next time your invited out...

Oh, I could go on and on.

This may or may not have happened to me. 
 I just want to know what you would do, as a hostess, if this ever happened to you?

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  1. Asking for a recipe is one thing, but containers?

    That's too funny...

    1. Dear Anonymous... thanks for your thoughts.

      Yes!! I've handed out many a recipe and many a leftover but the leftovers mostly by my initiation.


  2. To be absolutely honest? I would be thinking how rude. But then I would probably be reminded by the Lord to have a good attitude and give them more than they asked for. I like to share n give leftovers but I would seriously have to have my heart changed if I thought someone came with their own containers and expected it.

  3. "Pray that they even like your meal number one, and two that there might be something to put back into those containers."

    I read and re-read and honestly would have to pick this one. My initial gut would be paranoia (did I say that I would send something home?? - my brain doesn't always work in my favor with remembering things these days!!), followed by wildly thinking about how to bulk things up to make sure there would be enough. Followed by a resignation that I can only do what I can do, and trust that what we have (as the Lord has provided) is what they might need, and will be appropriate for the situation. Learned a lot of this from you. Throwing together an "extra" meal for guests who WON'T LEAVE.... and just feeling a sense of family as I imagine (at least I like to!) that that may be the way you serve your own family and their meals (meaning sans menu plan... like your mennonite suppers). Being guests is one thing. Being FAMILY is a whole other level....

  4. Ok seriously, that is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard. I don't even know how to answer, except that maybe my response would have to depend on who that person is. I mean, if it's someone that it would't surprise me if they did it, then I would probably roll my eyes. Or, if it's someone who is slightly annoying, I would probably think "how audacious." Secretly hoping there wouldn't be anything left to give them. If it's someone who is a jokester I would probably laugh about it. If it was you, I would totally go for it and wish I had more to give you.
    I don't know, what does that say about me? Guess I'm willing to make exceptions for some and not others. Doesn't sound very hospitable to me. Sounds like I need a little more help on this one.
    Glad you're doing this series.

  5. I just laughed really hard reading this...picturing this in my mind!!!! Giving this some thought though I would have to agree with what Kelli said...it would really depend on who it was. Close family or friends I wouldn't think anything of it, they know there's always more than plenty, but still get a good chuckle about it! Someone I barely know ,in my mind, I would probably be thinking how bold this was but still fill them up. Gives me a lot to think about. Really enjoying your series on hospitality.Thank you!!!!!


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