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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 days :: Listen to Me

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So.  I hear this knock on the door, yesterday - just as I hit Publish to yesterday's post.  Who could it be?  I scanned the room, and tucked my shirt in better to my waist, gave a small sigh - because I don't always like answering the door.  You know?  Shhh!  Hospitality can be hard for me at times.  Like, really hard.

Ironically enough.  This moment (of someone at my door) completely and totally fit into what I was writing about. For yesterday and for what I was already planning to write about for today.
The person on the other side of my door was my neighbor lady.  She really wanted to talk and I could tell she was rather overwhelmed.  She needed someone to listen... and here was my God-given moment to Practice Hospitality.

I think I did well.

Jump back a couple of days with me to Sunday.  I was walking into our church - alone, but with the kids.  Scott was already at service participating in an early class that was being presented.  I was wishing he was there to help me "wrangle" them inside and to my amazement they were actually being quite well behaved.
The dear friend of mine comes up beside me and said.
"Bevy, I just want you to know that I've been reading your blog and I love it so much."  To which I replied.
"Have you been reading this series on Hospitality?"
"Yes, but..and, you're so good at it.  I could never put a meal together like you do.  I can't be hospitable.  Not like you."  I looked at my friend and said... "{her name}, You know what you do have?  You have a listening ear and that is way more important then passing around a plate full of delicate, homemade cookies and serving up some heartwarming tea."  She half "fun-argued" with me that food has to always be involved for hospitality to happen.  I disagreed.
She had no idea that I was thinking about writing this and including a post or two about listening as being a part of hospitality.
I hope I gave her some encouragement that day.

To be able to LISTEN and listen well is a gift.

Fun photo of Scott and Aubrey - "listen to me!"
(I know this post is apt to be long, but hang in here with me... please?)

The door was opened to Him...but, when Jesus entered the home of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), there seemed to be an air of tension in the heart of the home. Martha obviously was a Doer.  She was busily preparing and keeping herself busy. All while Martha got upset at her sister for her lack of doing.  Mary seemed to be the Hearer because the Word says she sat at Jesus' feet and listened. She heard his Word.
Yet.  Jesus reprimanded Martha for her busyness and declared that only one thing was needed...

Listen to Me!

Mary was DOING something much better.
Maybe Mary was a doer after all?

This story of Martha and Mary often reminds me of another dear, dear friend of mine.  This lady is certainly a "Mary" if I've ever met one.
If I mentioned her name here (which is not Mary) - so many of my readers would jump all over this post (and flood me out with comments) because they would want to agree on the truth of this of what I'm about to share.

So many times, when I was a young single gal, and she a busy, busy mother of five, this friend would answer the knock on her door (actually, you didn't have to knock - you could just walk right in) and she would literally put aside what she was doing, pull up a chair, and just listen.

No matter what her house looked like at the time.  Sometimes it was pretty "dreadful". (I don't think she will "kill" me for saying that). By the way, I did ask her permission to share this example.
 For any and all homemakers out there - some days - our homes can look absolutely dreadful and how dare anyone want to step a foot indoors?  Right?
Well, this sweet-heart of a friend was and continues to be such an example to me.  She loved to"sit at your feet" and just listen.  If it took all day...late at night and or even into the wee hours of the morning.  She took the time.
She simply shines in the kitchen! This lady; a busy woman.  Always serving others: somehow, someway.
 As a FABULOUS cook and baker, she'll make you drool every time... But it's been her unspoken mantra that continues to resonate with me.  And that is this...

My house may not be ready but my heart is.  Come on in!

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  1. Before I even got to this post I had it in mind to tell you how much I enjoy seeing your face visit my blog. Your picture is open and kind... makes me smile and want to visit. I've mentioned before that your words here have the same effect and I just know that face to face would be a blessing. This is such an important message. Relationship is the open door to our witness and the medium He uses to bless us right back!

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. Thank you Debbie. That made my day.

      May yours be blessed as well - full of the Joy of the Lord!

  2. Bevy, I LOVED your statement "my house may not be ready, but my heart is. Welcome in". That really spoke to my heart because I know that is yours dear sister.
    May the Lord bless your day.

    1. Thank you, Dottie.

      It's the truth. I've been using this phrase for awhile now. And every time I do ... it's challenging to be SURE my heart is really, really ready.

      Thanks for you comment here, it means so much.

  3. Oh Bevy, I just love you! (and yes, I'm crying . . .)

    1. Somehow I had a feeling that I would make you do that.
      BUT it is the TRUTH....

      thank you for being an "willing" example. Love you, too. and G. Now I'm tearing up too.

      (oh dear.)


  4. "My house may not be ready but my heart is. Come on in!"

    That is the challenge for me. Now, I am willing to take in on!


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