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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 days :: Listen

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Friday evening, my husband and I had the privilege of attending a wedding of two young friends of ours, from church.  The children were watched by another friend of ours, from church, who had never watched our children before.  Everyone else, who we would normally get to watch our children happened to either be at this wedding or an attendant in the wedding.  And so when this friend volunteered to babysit we said, yes!

Of course the usual - you ask how the evening went and anything happen that we need to be aware of.  Funny thing is.  Some conversation ensued that evening that set me to blushing with conviction - when I heard about it later .  My sweet four year old daughter asked this dear friend of ours, this question.

"Do you listen to your kids?"

My friend laughed and with a shocked reply, she answered, "ye-ee-ss?!?!?"

"Well, my Mommy doesn't listen to us."

I don't recall what she said about the rest of their conversation...

But, as my friend was relaying this conversation, of course, I laughed chuckled about it.  Cute, coming from a four year old, right?.  But down inside I was cringing.  There really was some truth to that.   You see, the Lord had already brought that conviction to my heart and mind - earlier in the week.  I know as mothers - we're all human.  We tune things out - over time.  When you've got three little ones all clamoring for your undivided attention at once.  When I'm trying to say something to one and I get interrupted by the other and something is crashing onto the floor in the next room... life is chaotic, in the moment.  Somewhere in the translation of all that's going down - the eyes didn't meet and someone didn't feel listened to with full, rapt attention.  And yes! I heard, but I didn't listen.

 It happens - a lot!

You know, I'm really not sure what my daughter was referring to or if she got her words mixed up in her asking this question, but still.... I need to listen. Not just half-heartedly.  But fully.  With intention.  With attention.

It starts at home.  And what a wonderful realization; for listening to be more about extending hospitality then serving up a plate of cookies.

Think about the two sisters - Martha and Mary.  I think you know the story.  If you don't, you can find it in the gospel of Mark. (Mark 10:38-41)  One was a Hearer and the other a Doer.

I want to take this listening post a step further tomorrow.  I hope you'll join me.

Listen. {Was that a knock on the door?}
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  1. Hummmmm...
    Someone once told me that God gave us one mouth and two ears. Meaning, it was more important to listen than talk.

    1. Amen!!! I know. It's true.

      My hubby says it this way. "Talk once, Listen twice."
      I know our little ones are the ones that get told this to, a lot. But I/we are the ones who need to practice it first.

  2. Thankyou for the reminder :)

    1. You bet. We're in this together.

  3. We were talking about nicknames in the family one day. Of course we have a Jana Banana, a Buffin-Muffin and an Amazing Grace. My four-year old son said, "Mom, I know what my nickname is, Jon Be Quiet!"

    Utter conviction for all the same reasons listed above. Now that 4 year old is an amazing 16 year old young man and I must have learned to listen, because he does share what is on his heart with me.


  4. Bev, I think you are a great listner. You are one person I always feel very comfortable talking to. Your hospitality goes way beyond cookies (though your baked goods are hard to rival)!!! I need to listen more. My brain is always busy, and my attention is not undivided. Thanks for your, once again, thought provoking post.


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