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Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 days :: Make Room

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One of the things that settled me about the guy I was soon to marry was this.
His heart for hospitality.

Granted, being from the South may or may not have had anything to do with it.
But basically, he got my stamp of approval and he wasn't leaving. (smile!)

While we were courting. Scott &  I had made plans for my best friend, Amiee, to come on over for dinner.  The two had already met but this was intended for them to get better acquainted.  Just because. Amiee and I lived right next door to one another... and so when she popped over with an unexpected friend of hers - who just happened to stop by her house for a quick hello - we got to talking and before I knew Scott had asked Amiee's friend if she had had dinner?  And.  Before I knew it - he twisted her arm to stay... and he started moving place settings around and stuff out of MY cupboard, found an extra - need I say "safe?" chair and made this "other gal" feel right at home.

We had plenty of food. Good conversation.
 The evening went great. 
It was settled.

There is/was always room for one more.  Even today.  This is how my husband "flies".
I really, really appreciate it.
He has such a knack for making "things" fit when there seems to be no way on God's green earth, they should.
This includes people, most importantly.

His heart is big.  So big and growing. ;)

I love and appreciate his on-board heart for hospitality.  Always willing to make room for one more. So, while he can't cook a darn thing...and he'll tell you that... I let him do the arranging and the placement of the tables and chairs and the sometimes the place settings. (That is if I can stop rearranging what he's already arranged.)

It's really important to work together and in the end, well... this is what my husband always tells our guests.
If you leave hungry - it's your own fault.

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  1. Bevy,
    The little I know Scott, I totally "saw" him in this post. Because of the hospitality he showed when we were at your home for dinner. He has a big heart and it's full of sweetness.

  2. Great post, Bev. Great reminder to me to appreciate the part my husband plays in our hospitality.

  3. Grateful for the way you both "make room"!! Also remember hearing that quote - a lot. It really is a theme at your house. Along with "I just threw together a few (meaning a few DOZEN) things to 'hold us over'"....

    Between the Southern side and the Mennonite side - wowee!! : )

    1. That's funny...

      Between the Southern side and the Mennonite side - wowee!! : )

      Well. We're "proud" of our roots - if that's okay?


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