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Friday, October 12, 2012

31 days :: Our biggest Mistake

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I have some very beautiful friends who have some very beautiful homes to match.
Their form of hospitality (in my eyes!) is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
Every.  Single.  Time.

I want to them to be "at ease" and know that I thoroughly enjoy every. single. minute. of. it.

If I let them.  I bet they could tell me some stories of when (in their eyes!) it didn't go so well.

That's okay. I'll let them keep their secrets.
In my heart and mind, I just want to keep on believing that some gals "got it right" - Amen? ... and every now and then I get to be a recipient of it.  (smile!)

No one is perfect.  Only the Lord is truly perfect.  Let's give him glory for that.

Well, today I thought I would share a couple of my own not-so-perfect moments with you.
We had a couple (actually they were our "new" neighbors!) visit our home for their first time.  We chose to get together for a "Breakfast"...one Saturday morning.  Love making Big, HOT breakfasts on Saturday mornings.  Actually, my hubby really appreciates it when I do.

(Here is a not-so-great photo of before they arrived.)

No one noticed it but me.  I didn't say a word.
But I was mortified.
It was a hand stitched, cross-stitch pattern (I think done by my Grandmother) and you could see the underside and all it's frayed ends and tails and well, it certainly wasn't its pretty side, that's for sure.

Gracious guests.
One time, back in my single gal days, in my very own first apartment, I was hosting a Tupperware Party and every chair in my home was used.  All but one. I think I may have even borrowed a couple extra.
Anyway.  This chair.
 It was tucked back into the corner, up under the table...for a good reason.  I knew it was slightly broken - and certainly not a safe seat for a (how do I say this?) a not-so-small person. A child maybe, but not an adult.
But everyone had had a seat and the demonstration was, by now, well on it's way in full swing.
So, I honestly had forgotten about it.
Now.  Mind you the Tupperware consultant was so nervous. The WHOLE time.  Maybe she wasn't feeling well, I don't know.  She was sweating it up profusely.  And maybe... just maybe...

Well, I think just maybe this had to have been her first time at demonstrating or else she needed a cigarette really bad because I was getting a little worried about her.  And for "us".
My friends were looking at me - like as if to say - "where did this lady come from?" and I trying to be the gracious hostess - shushed them back with eyes and smiled as pleasantly as I could.
Forgetting all about my chair in the corner.

Before I knew what happened.  But at the same time I saw the whole thing.  Like, I couldn't even speak.  My hand was over my mouth just as she had pulled the chair out from the corner and sat down.
And I mean very hard, I'm afraid.
We all heard the biggest crash!  There she went.
All the way to the floor.
All four of the legs went to the sides - all around her. Even her own.

I was so embarrassed.  Not only for her and with her - but about the whole thing. I was worrying what my friends thought, for one, but in all of it I just felt so terrible.

Needless to say, I never saw or heard from her again.
I still feel badly about that one.


Here is one from my mom.  A memory of mine from while a young teenager and how it influenced me.

My mom had a time-bake oven, and used it quite regularly for Sunday dinners - especially when having company.  It would be so great!  You would walk in the front door and well, actually even before you would get to the door you could smell dinner baking in the oven.
Awesome feature, in our kitchen.  Probably the best feature of our house. :) that time-bake oven.
This particular Sunday.  Our guests got to our house about the same time as we got home.
One problem.
My mom FORGOT to turn on the oven...before we left for church that morning.
So, she meant to turn it on IMMEDIATELY upon getting home.
Problem number two.
She forgot to do that too.

((I guess too busy in getting the rest of the meal together.))

When she called the guests to the table.  And went to pull the meatloaf...
Here she realized that the oven had NEVER been turned on.
So - we all had to wait another hour...
 until the Sunday Dinner was ready.
Again, gracious guests...

Side note:  I can remember this day as vivid as they come.  You see, I got really embarrassed at my mom that day.
Because, in having a major crush on one of the boys of this family - this was a reflection on me.  You know!?!?!?!
It wasn't perfect.  This was NOT a good impression. I wanted to crawl into a hole.
Oh, it all went fine in the end.  And no!, I did not marry that boy.
But - "fear of man" really came to light in my young heart, that day.

I got to see my mom in a whole light that day, as well.
She didn't let {this} keep her from continuing to have guests in her home.

She didn't quit.
And, neither will I.

It takes practice.  It takes times of failure.  Of being real.
Of being gracious... regardless if you're the host or the guest.

So often.  Too often.
We allow mistakes or our imperfections - as least as we perceive them to be - to paralyze us.
And that right there could be our biggest mistake.
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  1. Love this!!! Your honesty is incredible. I would have worn a disquise and changed the names of the characters in the story. :)
    I know I have many "issues" with entertaining guests. One I remember in particular is this. One Sunday night after church we invited some friends over to just visit. An impromptu thing. We brought them back to our little apartment and served day old pizza I reheated in the oven. Ugh!! What was I thinking?--Should've worn a disquise and changed my name when telling you this.

  2. Love these stories, Bevy! And I know it wasn't funny for you, but the whole chair story had me laughing so hard. I SO needed that!

  3. I really needed that,thankyou! Oh yes,i can relate! Your table was beautiful anyways. Thankyou for sharing. You put a smile on my face.

  4. Been there, done that... table cloth inside-out!
    But the chair story, well, that is pretty funny.

    For me it's about making memories, good or embarrassing. The embarassing stories usually are the most memorable.


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