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Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 days :: simple effort to bless

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Keeping on the Through the Mail sort of theme... I want to encourage you to consider 
doing something special for 

Pastor Appreciation Month.

What a wonderful opportunity to practice hospitality.  I know Pastors and their families might be busy - especially on Sunday's.  And sometimes they might seem hard to get a hold of irregardless.
But I think if you offer to have them over for a meal or if you treat them to lunch somewhere, etc. that they won't turn you down.  Maybe they will... you never know unless you ask. You can always try.  I think, more then we realize, they (our Pastor's) are often lonely and don't get asked out nearly as often as one would expect.  That is just my opinion.

There are other ways to bless and extend hospitality.

I might just be giving myself away here.  But several years ago...for the Pastor's of our church... I decided to take a freshly baked loaf of bread, if I remember correctly, I think it was Pumpkin. (festive for the season) and I tucked it into the church office's mailbox, very early one morning, as an anonymous gift.  I wrapped it up in nice brown parchment tied off with some raffia and added a handwritten tag.  Very simple.

You know that had to go down good with their morning cup of coffee... don't you think?

I can only hope.

Truthfully, that only took a simple bit of effort to bless them in the office that day.  I really hope they were blessed.  And I now -cross my fingers - hope they didn't read this post and figure my anonymity out. 

What can you do special for your Pastor (and perhaps his family) this month?

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  1. Bevy,

    Love this site. Will be tuning in for more! We were stirred to give a Rhubarb pie to our pastor couple this week. And I had the kids make a 12 x 12 Appreciation page of what they like about Fred & Linda. I used their lingo - it was so dear! Of course, I baked two pies and we kept one to enjoy ourselves. Sort of like "breaking bread" together?!? Cutting pies, together : ) Look forward to more hospitality ponderings. The Hearts At Home book is a new one for me . . . Kim

  2. Wait! Is there a book? Or is the 31 Days: Hearts At Home picture something you created?!? I guess maybe this blog is the book! My husband blessed me with "Small Things with Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor" by Margot Starbuck. My eyes started to dance through those pages last evening . . .

    1. Love and (I) thank you for both of your comments, here. NO... this is me, something I created for the 31 days of October. The NESTING PLACE blog (on my sidebar) is where the idea originated. There are well over a 1,000 bloggers who are participating in various topics or(unique to them) themes for the next 31 days.

      Kinda cool.

      Anyway. I've never heard of this book - you shared. It sounds like a fabulous read. And. I love the pie thing going on up there in the previous comment. Yes!!!!! Awesome.
      Thanks for coming by... and wanting to hang out. ;)

  3. Dearest Beverly~ I would love a slice of that pumpkin bread right about now...
    And also, since we are between churches...how about I just send a little bit of Bevy appreciation your way.

    I got your e-mail tonight and I have a lot to say back. But, phew it's late and I'm tired.
    Mondays are usually really busy for me. So..it may be Tuesday, OK?
    Have a great start to your week!


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