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Monday, October 8, 2012

31 days :: Stay for awhile (hospitality in blogging).

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I blog - sort of like you, I mean for your reasons. My family will one day "read this"... but as well. I want to be a woman of influence towards Jesus. I've heard about those who read (I had no idea they do/did.) and then if I start to think about it, I'll get nervous. Mostly by a post they've probably read and perhaps? it really was meant for them. Again... I had no idea. So - with a lot of my deep posts is a lot of prayer and petition to the Lord for the intention of it to be used for His glory.

Kinda like "brighten the corner - where you are." It's a light in a dark place and we can really be encouraged (as moms, as sisters, and friends) by each other and to each other. I know I have been so blessed through blogging and YOU, are one of them.
          Thank you!
The above words are copied out of a comment box that I personally left on a friend of mine's blog when she asked the question via a blog post, about a month ago, entitled... Why Blog?

How does this go with the series of extending hospitality - having a Heart at Home and why in the world should it have a part of anything I have said or hope to say in this 31 days?

Well.  A lot.  
I think.  
You help me out.
I would really like to hear your thoughts, at the end, when I'm through.

Blogging; having an online place and space, can really be an open door for ministry to happen.  Especially blogs that are Gospel centered and ones that hold a high regard for being a godly influence.  We just never know how many or who we might encourage or influence towards the person and work of Jesus Christ. As a blogger, If I can do this from the quiet corners of my home, in the literal sense, and as well, be a woman of influence, then I want to be faithful.

I confess.  
I get nervous.  I get shy.  I get scared.  I feel VERY inadequate at times.  I fumble my words.  I'm not good at grammar.  I struggle to come up with good topics.  I feel quite discouraged if I don't get many comments - Too often I gauge my posts by those (which is wrong to do) as to how I might have come across.

I'm human.

When I think of my blog - Treasured Up and Pondered - I hope it feels homey to you. I want it to.
 I hope you are made to feel "at home" here.  That it's warm.  Inviting.  That it makes you want to come back.

I want it to be full of Glowing Windows.
I have a few followers...and I'm not saying all of this to attract more... it's just that for some reason you have all signed up to follow.  I see you're pics on my followers list and  I feel honored. It's as though you hung your photo on the wall of "family photos".  You want to be a part of here.  I think?
 Thank you!  At the same time... I often wonder why?
But, I can only hope one thing.  And that is for some reason - you were drawn to here. For some reason.
 I only hope that what you really see is... Jesus.

Blogging. It's kind of like an outreach, an extension of my real home.

At least, I want the same for it.

If you were to walk through my real home's front door - today - would you leave again, refreshed?

I plan to talk about this some more.  But hospitality isn't always about food-refreshments (which food is a HUGE part of hospitality, yes!) but it's also just having a listening ear, and offering some warm-hearted encouragement in return.

 An anxious heart weighs a man down but a kind word cheers him up. ~ Proverbs 12:25

As a woman to a woman, a friend to a friend.
We can learn a lot from one another... in the give and take of just our words and expression of word.

So with that, I say thank you! my friends and readers for being so gracious to come by in the first place and then decide you want to stay for awhile.
I am humbled.


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  1. Having found your blog only a few days ago, I am drawn here and like you very much. Not only are your words enriching and comforting, but the whole sight of your blog evokes feelings of comfort and peace. Thanks for the soothing colors and graphics, not being so "in your face." This is a lovely place to be.


    1. Thank you Lindie - thanks for stopping by. Welcome!

      Blessings on you and your day.

  2. Bevy,

    Just like this post, it's your openness, warmth, love, and communication that has me visiting as often as I can. Plus, your children are adorable!
    Your struggles were my struggles, when it came to blogging. Just like you, I stopped myself and asked why do I blog. We all have our own reasons and some are the same.
    I have a need to be creative. I also wanted to communicate to family and friends, all the positive things that happen in my life. If that extends to others and they "follow" me, I'm happy.
    Keep writting Bevy! I'm following!

  3. I came across your blog when I was surfing. What kept me coming back was your honesty, your warmth and your love for our Lord and Savior. Visiting your blog is like being welcomed into your physical home, given a cup of tea and being told to kick off my shoes and relax awhile. You are a treasure, Bevy. You get me thinking without shoving it in my face.

    At times I too feel some of my blog posts are more well received than others by the amount of comments I get, but I don't think that's necessarily so. Sometimes things I read are just so deep and I don't know what to say, but that doesn't mean that I'm not interested.

    Keep writing, Bevy. And I'll keep reading.

    1. Kathy, Christine... you two girls humble me. Honestly (and I think you know this) this post was not written to receive accolades by any means.

      This is just a humble desire of mine to have happen... and Lord Willing, I will be faithful and do as he has "asked"... to be a light and a testimony for HIM.

      One area (for sure) of where I continue to practice this is "at HOME". :)

  4. In todays world,everyone just seems to be rushing here,rushing there,living their busy lives. No one connects any more,unless its on facebook. I think theres a real need for sharing. For friendship. Whether that means by sharing a cup of tea,by letter,or in your case,by blog.
    I admire your honesty and ability to share your life with strangers. You really never know when your words will touch someone,right where they are at. You are a light. I enjoy reading your thoughts,and value what you have to say. We are eaither with you,or have gone thru what youre going thru,and we all need encouragement,whatever stage of the journeu we are on.
    Be encouraged! Your light is shining!

    1. Thank you, Christina.

      You're right!! We all need encouragement whatever stay of the journey we are on.

  5. Bevy~ This was very good and true, indeed. I loved the comments from your other readers as well! All very valid.
    Sometimes though, it's not as simple as inviting everyone in. Just like in our real lives, when we have guests...we have to be concious of the fact that not everyone shares that faith, beliefs, or feelings. And respond accordingly.
    I have so much more to say about this and will do so in an e-mail.
    Love, Kristin

    1. I can't wait to get your email.

      You are a dear friend. You know that?

  6. Bev, Although I do not blog I enjoy reading your blog & others. I want you to know that I log in to your blog about every other day! I know at times one can feel very isolated from the outside world especially when one is a stay at home mom. I hope you can grasp the fact that you are a much loved person and someone that I hold dear in my heart. I sometimes read between the lines and get the feeling that you're to hard on yourself. Everyone has struggles and issues that they deal with on a daily basis. Relax and know that you are right were you need to be and if you fall down get back up and learn from it. I have been through alot in my life in the last couple years but I wouldn't be where I'm at today had I not walked some of those miles. Have a great week. Love, Ruth

    1. Thanks for reading Ruth. You are loved as well. :) Always will be. You know- you probably can see through me more than anyone else reading. Isn't that what family is all about?

      Thanks for your encouragement.

  7. I agree with Kristin... it's not just as simple as letting people "in" for relationships to happen. On the flip side - there can be impact without a relationship...

    I LOVE the opportunity to have a Bevy moment each day... And yet - as Christina said - technology only goes so far. Pros and cons - I love being able to read you each day, but LOVE being able to see you as well in real life.

    As far as what you share - don't change a thing! : )

    1. I would rather see you in real life, too.

      But, thank you for commenting. I know. And I think it's safe to say... In real life we have to knock pretty hard sometimes on heart-doors to be let in, don't we?

      Love you, my friend.

  8. Bevy, thanks for the nod. I remembered those words sent to my inbox. :)
    I know you're not looking for accolades but you were an inspiration to my starting a blog. When I'm writing I often think how would Bevy put this into words, and then I remember "these aren't supposed to be Bevy's words, they are supposed to be mine." I say all of that to say that because of your blog being so welcoming and the heart behind it, you've made me want to be part of this blog world.
    If anyone should be posting on hospitality my friend, it should be you!! There is a reason I'm not writing it. :)
    You know what I think? I think on those days when you receive fewer comments, it's because those are the days when you've touched our hearts and we are "pondering" your words.
    Truthfully, I still struggle with blogging and why/should I blog. You've given me some things to think about and have encouraged me to continue, when I was just about to throw in the blogging towel.
    Thank you Bevy, for wearing your heart on the outside and touching the lives and hearts of many. Including me. :)

    1. I never thought about it like that... Kelli. People busy pondering and not knowing what to say. I've been there with that on other people's blogs - for sure.

      Thank you for your kinds words of (constant) encouragement.


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