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Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 days :: Through the Mail

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Wow!  What a crazy, but good busy sort of day.  Thank you for grace in waiting for me to get this to post up and out to you today.

I just want to share this link from DaySpring with you. 

It came into my inbox, yesterday... and I tell you what, I just drool over some of these cards they have in there right now.

I love cards.
I love mailing them.
I love receiving them.
I love thinking of you.
I love "I miss you!"
I love...being thought of.
I love letting someone know Congratulations! That I was thinking of them.  That I care.  That I'm sorry.
I love...knowing I mean something to someone.
I love...being encouraged.
I love knowing I was prayed for today.

From out of the four walls of our heart-home, let's share Jesus.
Think about this with me.  If we thought of ourselves as a house.  And our house was lined, all around with glowing windows.
Would the soul standing on the outside, looking on, be blessed by seeing the "lights of home" shining through to them?  Would they smile, and feel the warmth?  And would they want to know what we've got - something that they might not?

You see!?!?!

We have an opportunity.  Let's take it.
A simple and lovely way that we can impact another by sharing what we have inside of us, is by just sending someone else a meaningful and personable, handwritten card.  Sometimes that might be the most practical way to "break in".

Even if it's only a POSTCARD...it's just as special.

Will you send one out today? 

Well, I guess it's kinda late to ask that now... but you know what I mean? 
Think about that this weekend.

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  1. I LOVE getting mail,and I LOVE picking out cards to send. In the fast paced world of technology,its a rare treat to find a letter in the mailbox. I used to have a pen pal years ago. That was fun. Its encouraging to get a note in the mailbox that someones thinking of you,or praying for you. Yeah,i love mail like that.

    1. Yes it is! a rare treat indeed...

      Thanks for your constant encouragement. Here!

  2. Ps. I forgot to add, id love to send you a card,heres my email address if youd like to exchange mailing addresses. If not,i completely understand!:) christinag35@sbcglobal.net


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