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Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 days :: WEL-COME {on in}!

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How do you feel if you've anticipated going somewhere special... you were so looking forward to this...and when you've pulled up, you suddenly realize they are CLOSED.
This happened for a girl friend and I.  We talked for months of going to this little restaurant - we even had a  gift card and everything.  We finally got a date worked out.  And we were able to get a way.  My hubby was going to watch our children so I could "go out" for the evening with my friend.  We pulled up...and they were CLOSED, for only a couple of days, for whatever reason ... but what a disappointment!
We eventually made plans a second time to get this to work out and lo and behold - don't you know they were SHUT-DOWN for reals.


Uhmm. Very disappointing.

I like Open.
I like to know I'm Welcome.
I like being waited on - once in a while.  You know?  Just sayin'.
If you've been reading Treasured Up and Pondered for awhile - you'd remember that we took a vacation to VA and TN earlier in the Spring.  For the sake of decent-sized blog posts...I broke our vacation up into three parts (posts).  All three of those posts - scream HOSPITALITY.  You can read all about it: 1.) Here, 2.) Here and 3.) Here, when you find time. ;)  

(And, just for the record... if you do read and want to check out any links regarding my friend Amanda's blog -who I went to go visit in VA- well, since then she has currently chosen to stop blogging for the time being.  I miss her blogging voice so, so much... in due time, Lord Willing, she'll be back.)

In part 2, I talk about the fact that Hospitality isn't meant to just be given, but also to be received.

Our family had the privilege to practice hospitality but instead, this time, we were on the receiving end. Sometimes that is hard for me to do - receive.  Here is why I say that.  It must be a mom thing but even in a restaurant... I'll find myself "Cleaning Up" the table for the waitress so she doesn't have such a chaotic mess left for her to take care of when we're gone.  I'm sorry, but I can't help it.

The home where we stayed, overnight... the host and hostess, Rick and Sarah... were so warm and inviting.  I just loved their Southern Hospitality.  And, of course, their southern accent to go along with it.  We didn't have to lift a finger.  But if we did - we were made to feel right at home about it.  And oh, the open-door conversation that we had with these near perfect strangers... anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself and besides you'll have to go back and read Part 2 on your own.

When we arrived, And, as we walked in the front door, I couldn't help but notice a 
sign, hanging right there by the door.

Take a look around your own home.  Notice.  How many "Welcome" signs do you have hanging inside your home?  I have three just in my downstairs - Living Room and Kitchen alone.

If I thought hard enough - which didn't take me long - I began to imagine Sarah's sign on the side of the front door to read like this.

Well-Come {on in}!

Because essentially, that is exactly what she was saying.  And this is the overall feeling we got from our time with them.

I felt then like I needed to have a constant reminder of this exemplary show of hospitality.  It wasn't a show, though... it was for REAL.

I got to thinking if I were to come up with my own painted sign, which I want to do so bad and one of these days it is my intention to handpaint a sign which would look something like this...

(If only I'd be able to hand-paint it as good as a computer makes it look - I'd be happy. Yes! I made that "sign" online.)

Not just a sign to say this.  But my life to live it and to mean it.  I want to wear that welcome on my self with an open heart.  May my eyes and my smile be that window to a place where outsiders want to know what is going on in the inside.  May they see Jesus!!

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  1. Yes - that last paragraph - that's the whole point, isn't it? We receive so much blessing through the process, but to show Him.... what an honor! Thank you for being so faithful to post day after day. It has been a great series!

    1. Thank you. Thank you, for reading. I greatly appreciate it.


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