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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 days :: Where even the Tea Kettle sings from Happiness

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Part of having a "heart at home"  is simply enjoying your kitchen.  Keeping it organized to suit your needs.  Keeping the cookbooks at hand to thumb through and begin creating. A desire to try out new recipes... feeling brave, I should say, perhaps to even try them out on your guests.  I confess.  I've been known to do this - and I think with usually good results.  Unless, that is they're just being gracious...

At times, there is this level of spontaneity that comes with hospitality and you've got to be prepared.  Not stressed out.

I know not everyone enjoys this, the same as me.  They'll let it up to their spouse to do most of the cooking or maybe the spouse cleans up afterward - but whatever you do to contribute to the enjoyment and making it come together is up to you.

To me, the kitchen is the heart of the home.  My home.
In one sense, literally.
If you walk in the front door - you're standing in the middle of my kitchen.  The dining room off to one side the living room on the other and - as well - the stairs leading upward.  There is a lot of traffic running through my "space".  The kitchen counters get used as a matchbox racetrack... around and round.  So does the kitchen table.  The kitchen's heart beats LOUDly.  Just sayin'...

Of all the things - I can only imagine - is the smells that the kids must wake up to on mornings I make a hot breakfast.  Of course, there is always the smell of coffee wafting through the air - and unless my hubby makes that in the morning (or preps it the night before) I don't get to smell that either. 

Nonetheless... it's home!

Home is Where the Heart Is

  ...Where even the tea kettle sings from happiness...
I wrote some similar thoughts not too long ago using this quote as my title:  A gift from the kitchen is a gift from the heart. ~ unknown.  I hope you'll take some time to read it - when you get a chance.

Do you believe that to be true?  A gift from the kitchen is a gift from the heart?  I do.

I tell you what though... there are some days when it's all I can do to make anything come together - decent - out of my kitchen.  I'm talking for my own family.  My poor husband and children...
It's balanced alright - but at times it is completely thrown together.  I insist that the children help to set the table and clear because they are part of the team but rarely ever does it see a tablecloth much less a centerpiece.

One of the challenges - though completely in jest - I face, is when my hubby says to me... "Who's coming to dinner?"  He asks that because on occasion  I will actually put some real honest effort in making our own little family's meal a VERY, VERY nice one.  Obviously, that shouldn't have to be.

Obviously, I do go "above and beyond" when company is coming if my family has to ask that question.  This is certainly an area that I'm working on.

I would like to consider your thoughts on this one.

Why do we think we feel we have to raise the bar in extending hospitality when guests are expected to grace our table? 

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Maybe this isn't a fair question for you.  But in more then just the area of food and what comes out of our kitchen - it might be a good idea to start extending hospitality to ourselves a whole lot more (and to our families) right here at home.  First.
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  1. I can totally relate. Yes,we have a need right in front of us. Our family. They need to use the good plates. The prettiest flowers set for THEM,the yummiest meals prepared for THEM. Yes,others are very important. But our family should come first. I'm hearing you.

  2. I was really hoping for one of your delicious recipes at the end of today's post :)


    1. Mitzi - if you don't already have it - make her post the peanut butter one... It is beyond describing...

    2. Well. I was going to and I even thought about this particular recipe but someone gave it all away before there was time to think about a photo. And then a group of certain someones apparently ate it all up before they even thought of taking any photos... as well.

      That would be a good one. ;)

  3. LOVE this idea. Same one struck me out of your book...

    Brain storming like crazy over here about how to do just this.

    BTW - Individual meat pie? SUCCESS!!! He LOVED it!!! We even took pictures...

    1. and so that recipe will now go on your blog?? Just askin'

    2. You are so silly.... There's no recipe. Just a fleeting photo...

  4. You know what? AN HONEST CONFESSION is GOOD for the SOUL!!

    Guess what. I have company coming for dinner tonight - (just two of my brothers) but there is one big full course roast chicken meal going on here AND I just threw in a chocolate cake - to the oven.

    A hankering I guess... but we never (hardly ever) do dessert - unless there is company.

    I just upped the anty... I guess.

    Oh well. They'll enjoy...


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