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Friday, October 19, 2012

OH NO! What's this ... Scott has sabatoged the BLOG!

Hi all ... long time no talk. This is Scott writing and I have trumped and now find myself at home here with a once-in-a-rarity sabotage. As many of you know that I accuse Bevy quite often to the sabotaging of my blog post (psst... they really do get written, she just sabotages them all).....

What a great post Bevy DID have up. You can scroll down if you really want to read it. Please do!! I just wanted to comment on two things first:

1.) Yes - being from the south and married to a Mennonite can be quite interesting, especially when we have Mennonite suppers. Kinda like pie night - only different.

2.) Speaking of pie, this particular pie debut here on the blog http://treasuredupandpondered.blogspot.com/2012/06/funny-cake.html

and I am not sure if Bevy answered the question of why it is called Funny cake. Now realize that Bevy may sabotage this very post, so if I am wrong, I am sure she will correct me (via sabotage). (ya think?)

The chocolate (mixture) is placed as the last ingredient on top of the cake (batter) before cooking baking, and as it cooks bakes a unique reaction takes place that settles it to the bottom of the cake. Yet you do not see any carmalization (is that a word???) of the fluffy, rich, moist, delectable, breading cake being formed in the middle.

Well, the blog has been sabotaged now, so my work here is done.  Yes! it has. Looking to a fun weekend with friends in from out of town and fellowship with a brother in Him later this evening.

Gotta go back to work! (yes, my love, back to work...)

Have a great day all, and be drawn closer to Christ more today than you were yesterday!

(PS: I'm the gal in red today...sabotaging at it's best!)


  1. Very Nice, Babe!!

    I take this as a subtle hint that you're ready for another slice of this pie yourself?

    Well, If I get a chance I'll be making one of these for tonight as well.

    Our guests will be eating good... for sure.

    1. Yes they will... I mean did... : )

  2. Lol. Bevy,if that wasnt a hint from your hubby,i dont know what is! Looks like you got some pie bakin to do!
    Ps. To your husband. Carmelization IS a word!

    1. shh!! guess what. It's in the oven as I type...

  3. That is so funny, Bevy... My husband probably couldn't find my blog.. grin..
    Not that he doesn't comment when I read a bit of this and that to him..
    That cake sounds delicious...

  4. I just made this pie. Im sitting here eating it and drinking a cup of coffee. Pie,i love it! I hope you plan to share more recipes!

  5. Love funny cake. It always brings warm memories of family time, friends, and Mom whipping up another one for someone else joining us perphaps for the weekend or Sunday breakfast.

  6. I went to the link for your funny cake recipe - SOO pleased to find we use the SAME recipe from the "red cookbook!" However -- Since my husband enjoys working in the kitchen, he has tweaked our recipe to add a little more cake to the chocolate. In turn however -- my 12-yr-old daughter and I have tweaked it such to add a little more chocolate to the increased cake amount. And may I say that the final resulting funny cake has won an award at my ladies craft night, and my daughter now gets calls to bake said funny cake for $!! May I boast about her a little? :)

    1. yes! you should, brag on your daughter... ;)

      and we should talk - I just may have to get "her" recipe (for a price?) and I do know she has another secret for the finished product... am I correct?

  7. Replies
    1. try this link for the crust.


  8. Request for link or recipe for Peanut Butter Pie??? Michael Ben ate his and attempted to beg off someone else's - to no avail. He said, and I quote, "It was so good! But such a momentary pleasure...."

    : P


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