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Saturday, November 24, 2012

And the Tea & Trouble Brewing Winner is...

. .. .... .. .. ... .. . . .. .. ... .... ... . .. .. ... ... .. .. .. . .. . .

Becky... Seasoned with Salt!

"Loved the post today! Thanks for the encouragement, Bev and Dorcas! We've had ants in the house and marriage in our 17years as well just as described here. Terro bait works for the home just like good conversation over hot tea and a game works for the marriage. Our "ants" include nit-picking, thoughtless words, unresolved anger... creeping into the nooks and crannies when you're busy with family life. Thanks, Bev, I follow your blog and I am heading to Dorcas' blog right now!

PS: Dorcas, did you know you can get Terro ready to go in traps, so you don't have to pour sticky stuff around? Just cut open and set it wherever, move it to a new spot when the ants are gone. 

PSS: And I forgot to say... we like hot tea in the evenings, but prefer coffee during the day. I confess though, that I have an addiction to McD's sweet tea, light on the ice, please."

Congratulations, Becky!  I'll be getting this book out to you - Lord Willing - tomorrow at church, if not later this week!
(We're dealing with a couple of sick little ones here today.  Not so fun.)

Blessings to you, all!, on the remainder of your weekend.


  1. Congrats to Becky and hope you are all feeling better soon..
    God bless..

  2. Fun to see Becky won! I appreciate her honesty. We also enjoy coffee and tea. And unfortunately McD's sweet tea. Though I have been breaking that habit, as of late. I have started the habit on Sat and Sun of making a fruity pot of tea both days. The whole family enjoys it. It seems something to calm down with and tarry over whenever we have it.

  3. Hello There!
    I really love your blog. It is just all so pretty and inspiring. I have just become your new follower, I am looking forward to your future posts! :D I hope you are having a really good week.
    Lots of Love,


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