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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bags by Bevy - make an appearance!

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Today, I thought I would show what I did this past Saturday.  I was invited to a Holiday Open House at the home of a dear friend of mine, with about nine other vendors.  It was absolutely FUN for me to get out, set up a little display and talk to people.

This was something I've never done before... in this regard.  And, yes! I was a little nervous.  But it helped to be at a place (someones home!) that I was familiar with.  I decided to "be comfortable" by sitting and sewing on a Pocket Pouch that I planned to add to the "thank you" gift that we gave to our friends who's home we used. 
This photo shows the pouch without the hand sewing...You can see the pile of thread underneath the scissors.  I'm getting ready to add the blanket stitch around the perimeter of the pouch.

I hosted a ::Giveaway:: on Saturday.  And that was to give away this bag... which actually, I only finished up on Friday night.  This photo was taken in the beautiful early morning light - before the Open House.

Winter Wonderland - went to a lady by the name of Lorene D.

Congratulations, Lorene!  She seemed so thrilled to have been the chosen one.  Which made me happy, too!  I personally know this lady a little bit... and it fits her perfectly.

The only "sale" I made, Saturday, was with the two other Pocket Pouches that are here on the front of the table.  Except that those were made "after hours".  Totally fine with me.  Oh, and another friend said that if She didn't win the drawing that she would like a something similar in color and style - so I guess in theory, that is another sale.

All in all.  I am so glad that I did this.  It was a lot of fun.  And.  Yes! I made Cinnamon Rolls to add to the food/refreshment table, which reminds me I promised the recipe, to the other vendors. Christmas music was playing... it felt and smelled like Christmas!  Oh... and I found some fun things to buy from the other gals... of course.

By the way!  One of my friends, Kristin, is a *new* consultant for Blessings Unlimited.  YES!  I signed up for a Gathering to be hosted in my home...I'm very, very excited about this.  I can not wait to have this happen the end of this month.  Local friends... keep this in mind.  You'll be hearing from me. ;)

I also want to say that my most favorite part of the day was seeing my husband walk through the door (totally surprised me!) - just to come by and show me his support.  That REALLY made my day... and I told him so! ;)

Until next time...
Come by here - Bags by Bevy - and make me have to change my display.  {smile!}  You know?  Add some new stuff...

Christmas is coming...


  1. Your bags look wonderful, Bevy.. Are they made mostly from wools? Glad you had such a great time... xo

    1. Actually they're not, they are made from just upholstery samples or tapestry type fabrics.

      I don't use a pattern... so the bags kind of come out on their own size due to the size samples that I have to work with.

      Thanks for asking.

  2. Please, please invite me to your Blessings gathering. (Do I sound desperate?) I've been wanting to get to one of those for so long, but don't know any local sellers. Glad you're doing one. I hope I can make it. ;)
    Still want to get one of your beautiful bags as a Christmas gift for Andy's mom. I know she will like it. Just have to decide on a size I guess.
    I wanted to go to the Open House on Saturday, but I had a sick boy at home and was limited because of this. I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

    1. No worries. I will!! I'm getting more and more excited about this Gathering as the days go by. You'll be hearing from me soon.

      Well... you know where I'm at if you ever need to come and pick out fabric! ;)


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