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Monday, November 12, 2012

Story Lines

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Good Morning, dear friends... it's actually afternoon now, isn't it?  Wow.  I'm getting good at this.  Starting out early - finishing off late.  Better late than never... eh?

What a beautiful Monday!!

I should say, today has been just perfect for tackling and pinning these laundry piles to the line.

There is no better way to get some fresh air in the lungs and start a new week.  Don't you think?  I make that sound like Monday is always wash day around here, but it isn't.  Not really...it's more like every day could be, should be and is!!!

I have a question for you.

Do you ever see lines of laundry strung out and you wonder the stories behind the articles of clothing/items hanging?

For instance. 

Looking on at my line of wash, I'll tell you what I see... 

I see a hardworking man who lovingly provides for his family as well as serving others in those semi- ripped up, worn out jeans, perhaps helping them move or working on a house-project. 
I also see a busy kitchen was underway... and just perhaps? by all the tea towels and tablecloths, that they (as in we) had guests over for dinner? Again?

Oh, the stories... the story lines that could be filled.

Good times.  Good times.


What was your weekend like?  How has your Monday gone, so far?  At least come by and say, "hello!"... I've been missing you.


  1. Hi Bevy! I didn't do any wash today, but did get a chance to bake 4 dozen mini sweet potato muffins for Thanksgiving! They're in the freezer along with 1 1/2 quarts of baked dried corn, also for Thanksgiving. I made the corn Saturday. Now I'm working on some counted cross stitch projects for Christmas~~I hope I get them done in time! Enjoy the rest of your week, sweet girl!! ;-)

  2. Hey Friend,
    5 out of 6 loads of laundry done!! Dinner in the oven. Some Christmas presents purchased. It's been a productive day so far.
    Glad you're back on the www. I've officially killed my blog. Dead. Hoping to get it back up again in the future. We'll see. Gotta update my bathroom photos.
    Happy Monday.

  3. Hi Bevy! Yes, I love to think about the stories behind clothes hanging to dry. What a pretty picture of your laundry day! Today I am baking with my little one, painting a bathroom, cleaning, playing a little, and hopefully sneaking dinner in there somewhere.

    Enjoy your week!


  4. Hi Bevy.. Sorry, I have been absent.. I love your clothes lines and the words you wrote...
    Take care, my friend..

  5. Crackling Fire.
    Chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and country gravy.
    Mint tea.
    Messy house.
    Sleepy boys.
    Tired mama....
    Monday is almost over.

    Have a beautiful week!
    Love, Kristin

  6. To all of you sweet souls, who commented... thank you! Reading all these comments (at the end of my day) and hearing a tidbit from and of your day made me feel like I was sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee (well, with Kristin - Mint Tea!) and just listening and learning and laughing.

    I loved it!! All of your words...

    thank you!

  7. AAh....the fresh country air with laundry flapping in the breeze.

    I love the city, yet sometimes i could see myself enjoying this one day too!

  8. My lines hung empty all of last week while I recovered from surgery. (Yay, for electric dryer options!) It made my heart smile when a casual friend on FB wondered if I was okay, as they saw no clothes flapping out back while driving past our home for days in a row. How fun when others can check on you by way of your laundry line activity (or absense there of)! Hope you are well today!

    1. That is way awesome...
      I've been thinking of you,too - this week - wondering how you're healing up?

      I do agree. Thank God for electric dryer options - and for friends who step in to help fix them (ours) when they're broken.


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