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Thursday, November 15, 2012

The ALL {read: awe} in Fall

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If you recall, back in the summer I did this post entitled - the "S" in Summer!

I got to thinking I would love to do one for Fall.  And - of course - I thought of several things that began with an "F" {which I'll include here} to make this post come to life.

 But, the more I thought about it, these things are really what brings me to awe - and ironically have a lot to do with Fall.  Fall really is my most favorite time of year!

So, come along as I gather up what it is I love about this season .

:: Foliage ::

This is true love for a lot of people.  The colors of fall are so vibrant and ever changing.  I love the surprise of everywhere I turn.  Some days I truly am in awe of all that I see... scattered across the countryside.

:: at a local park ::

Gather leaves when they turn and fall, dip them in wax to hold their colors, and suspend in front of a window. I love fall!
{via Pinterest}

This fun of playing in leaves is such a memory for me.  I know with so few trees (in turn, less leaves) on our property, the children get to enjoy this somewhat - but not like I would like to see...

:: Food ::

This is a "no-brainer",food is a must.
But. As it seems that there are too many *new*  fall-festive foods to try for this time of year.
There isn't enough season to make and bake all this goodness. At least for me, there isn't, and these are just a taste of what is out there.
From the Gooseberry Patch Blog - Great Pumpkin Cheese Ball recipe.
{via Pinterest}
Pies in mason jars - really cute idea
{via, Pinterest}

Pumpkin Butterscotch Cookies Recipe, found HERE.

That is, unless you share it with...


It's like you can't have food without friends or family nearby.  You know what I mean?  I'm always fond of friends and without them there would be no frolics, no fun, no...fire???

Roasting Marshmallows by the Fire
{via Pinterest}

Here is why I say Fire.  This quote is helpful to explain...

"There is always a place for you by my fire,
And though it may burn to embers,
If warmth and good cheer are your desire,
The friend of your heart remembers!"
 ~ unknown author

As friends, we stoke each others' fire.  True?

This is a wall plaque that I have hanging in our dining room.  I think it's fitting - in what it says - for our home.

:: Frost ::

The sight of icy, glittering frost on fields and on every leaf or blade of grass is such a beautiful form of artwork in my mind.  God intricately designs this beauty.  By just a mere {whisper?}command... his breath produces ice. (Job 37)

There is nothing I love more than upon waking, to look outdoors and see the early morning sunrise.  The fields, this time of year,  are FULL of white frosty wonder.  I love feeling the steam upon my face wafting up from my coffee mug while warming my hands as I once more get a chance to stand in awe, of my Father God - the Creator and Sustainer of ALL.

:: Flannel ::  

 How could I forget this fun stuff?
Shirts, that is.  Not Sheets.
(The one thing I can't do is flannel sheets)


{via Pinterest)

 The coziness of Fall!!!
There is nothing like it in ALL the world.

This could also mean and include not just (plaid) Flannel, but Homespun, Quilts, Sweaters, Slippers.... layers!!!  Throw in Candles...with scents and smells.  The pulling out of board games or the turn of another page...

Even the sun sets differently in the West!


What would you add?  What makes up your ALL in Fall?


  1. You covered it all, Bevy. Fall is my favorite time of year also. And for all the reasons you mentioned. I look around and just marvel at the creativity of our Father God.

  2. Oh, what a fun post! So cozy! Can't decide which one would be my top favorite.....food would have to be right at the top of my list, too ;) (those mini pies are cute!) but flannel would have to be a very close second. Your photos are beautiful!
    Wishing you an awesomely cozy end-of-the week! Blessings!

    1. I hope so, Collette. So good to hear from you again!

  3. Such a lovely posting, Bevy.. Loved it.. Made me feel warm and cozy..
    Take care my friend..

  4. I don't recall reading anything about Family in your post. Maybe I missed it. I love everything about the fall. Even the air has a fall sort of scent to it. I must say though that all of your F's are made much better when family is added to it. I love this time of year. I sort of wish it wasn't rushed away by the bringing in of Christmas. I feel like it gets a little jipped. :)

    1. I think I mentioned Family under the food section ... but you're right! Fall is more (always more) endowed when there is family around. Actually - especially with my family. Nine siblings and spouses and kids. Any season... for that matter. ;)

      ((I say it all like this because you know me and my family- you'll get it.))

  5. Food.Food.Food.
    And flannel.flannel.flannel.
    Especially on my bed! That's one thing I can't live without, so Bevy, if you are ever in my sweet country neighborhood for a sleepover...I'll be sure and take the flannels off of your bed! lol

    Love those little pies!
    So stinkin' cute.

  6. SO beautiful Bevy! Oh, how I *love* the seasons! What a creative post to tell all your favourite things about fall. :) Happy weekend to you!


  7. The beautiful blue of the Fall sky!! Love it on a clear day! I took a photo of the sky to the paint store when we chose the color for our porch ceiling! :)
    Bevy, (I realize a lot of these are pinterest, but...) must say, you are a wonderful photographer!! Becky


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