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Monday, November 26, 2012

There's just going to have to be a... {Silent Night}!

 .. . . .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . ... .. ... .. .. .. . .. . . .. . ..
Oh, I hope you understand. {me, biting nails}

Seriously.  This is not a good-by, good-bye.  Okay?  But - I've been thinking about this - what I'm about to write - for a couple of days now and I wanted you to know in an informed way so as not to leave you all in the dark.

I'm going to give myself a little gift for the month of December.  The gift of Hush!  Silence.  I'm going to take a bit of a blogging break, for the rest of the year.   

Oh goodness and I hate to say this now, due to the fact that I've had several new friends and followers hop on board here at Treasured Up and Pondered in the very recent. Thank you!  And, I hope you'll hang around.  Still.

But. Here's why.

Starting this week... this is my life for the next month.  Are. you. ready?


You know, this past weekend and still today: to start the week off with sickness in the wings?  What could be nicer than that?  (I'm being sarcastic.)  Hopefully it's all behind us - for one.  And that for those of us who didn't get it - the bug - the first round,that it will gracefully pass us again on the swing around.  One of us has to be the "hero". Right?

So.  This meant.  The baby, in a timely fashion, had a 15-month well-check appointment to the doctors this morning.  Except that she wasn't well.  Jayne is now on antibiotics for a double-ear infection.

Jumping  to dates...let me explain myself.

Nov. 26th.  Buck Monday - my hubby is off deer hunting!  He was actually gone overnight.  While he was gone and after the kids were asleep.  I decorated the house for Christmas. I was in bed by 1 AM.  Today was Jayne's Doctor appointment.  I have a pocket pouch/bag to sew up tonight for a friend who ordered one.  I promised it would be ready tomorrow evening.  It will!!
Nov. 27th.   Tuesday. Blessings Unlimited party, here, at 7pm.  You're welcome to place an online order. ;)
Nov. 28th.  Wednesday.  I see a surgeon for a consultation.  I'm actually praying that this means surgery.  So this is a pending added future "plan" and something to work around.  Any questions?
Nov. 29th.  Thursday.  Christmas Concert Practice.
Nov. 30th. Friday. (preparing a fruit salad and Bags by Bevy stock items for an event Saturday!)

December 1st. Saturday.  Ladies Equip Mtg & Brunch (with Church).  I'm setting up a table (my display) for my etsy shop items...there.  Bags by Bevy  makes a second appearance.
Dec. 2nd.  Sunday.  After service. 1st Dress Rehearsal for Christmas Concert.
Dec. 3rd. Monday.  - Dec. 4th. Tuesday
Dec.5th. Wednesday.  Care Group.
Dec. 6th. Thursday.  Chiropractor
the 7th. Friday. Christmas Concert Practice
the 8th. Saturday.  Scott: CG Men's breakfast/Mtg. Me: monthly Grocery Shop to Lancaster.
Sunday the 9th. Church  (maybe, guests for lunch!)
Monday the 10th. Follow-up Dr. appointment for Jayne.
the 11th
the 12th. Wednesday - another Dr. appointment for me.
the 13th  Thursday - Christmas Concert practice  (Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm in charge - I guess - of making top hats and other props - or at best, I've started on it.)
the 14th. Friday - possible overnight guests (at least it's written in my calendar?)
the 15th. Saturday.  CG Ladies Mtg/breakfast.  and 2nd Dress Rehearsal
(I almost forgot that I signed up to bake four dozen cookies for after the concert on Sunday!)
Sunday the 16th.(serve in the Nursery at church) 6pm. - Church Christmas Concert.
Monday the 17th.  Caleb's school - Holiday Concert at 7pm.

???  Is surgery going to be in here???

Never mind that Scott is still studying all this while for his Bachelor's.  And, I know he has a schedule of his own, somewhat, in this line up. ;)

I also have a sewing list beyond words...

I've been meaning to sew together a quilt top for my son for Christmas.  Using Homespun Fabric squares.  They are cut - I just need to sew them and I think I'll just knot the quilt.

I have a couple of ideas for the girls...

I've been meaning to sew up a few skirts for myself...

I KNOW I'm going to be getting a few more bag orders - after the showing on the 1st of December.  I've had ladies contact me about this already.

We drew names for Christmas - I have one of my five sister's names.  hahaha!  and what to do for her for Christmas? Something unique and totally her!?!?!?!?

OF COURSE, as well - there are cookies to bake.  A menu to make, as we're hosting my family again here for Christmas Day.  Normal family meals to create...and I'm sure a few Blessing Meals thrown in there.  All of this besides the fact that along with the normal flow of homemaking; laundry, meals, dishes and cleaning (ahem!)....there is this need to sleep.  All within reason. ;)

Don't forget.  There are gifts to buy and wrap.

So.  I think I know that I need to cut down on something. Blogging has to slow.  This is not to say that I won't pop in from time to time.  Okay? I need you.  I need encouragement.  I want to hang on to this quiet place and come away refreshed.  So - I'll most likely be reading (in my spare moments) ha!! Maybe, just maybe, a post here and there.  But.  NO promises!

And.  Please!  Please... check in with me.  See how I'm doing.  What, I'm doing.  Find out - if I'm doing.  Doing Anything.  Anything at all?


I will miss you greatly.

But, I trust you know that I will be doing my best to be doing what I'm called mostly to do. First.  That is this... to Keep my Heart at Home!  As a wife and a mom!

What I'm asking for is your thoughts and prayers this season.  Because.  My hearts prayer is this:

I want to SLOW.  Really SLOW and SEE my Saviour more - in this already busy season that it is.  I can hardly believe we're here at this time of the year already.  The things I listed are what is already on the plate.  That, most likely, isn't even the half of it.  We all know how MORE and MORE will creep in to the already jam-packed schedule before we know it.  In fact.  I know I already forgot to write down a few Christmas Parties that are already being put in place with Church... I just can't remember the dates.  But see?  This is what I'm talking about.

Slowing down... in a sense... is like trying to budget time like you budget money.  Writing it down and to not be caught off guard - if possible.

All of that to say this...

Friends.  Have a wonderful month of December.  May the snow fall gently.  May the "cozy" of heart and hearth be the fire of Jesus' love burning brightly.

Go - in peace - and sing and live the Good News!!!

Silent Night!


  1. Oh I'm going to miss you Bevy! :) Have a blessed (be it busy) Christmas season!! God bless you and your family this Chirstmas!!! See you in the new year! ♥

  2. I understand completely! Will miss your blog, but you certainly need a break. Have a blessed Christmas. Look forward to reading your blog again in the new year.

  3. Bevy,
    Please go and check things off that very long list.
    Your followers will understand, pray, support, miss, care, worry, and be back!
    Just be sure to come back!!

  4. Blessings to you and your wisdom in this break.

    I enjoy your blog much.

    Peace to you Silent Night. Soak up all the things it offers.

  5. Farewell, my friend ......


  6. Wow! I don't blame you. Take a break, breathe deep when you can, look to the Savior and SAVOR Him. Love you and I'll catch back up with you when all slows a bit!

  7. That is great!! You are making your priorities, well, your priorities:) May the Lord be a comfort in the midst of the uncertainess of surgery and the Holy Spirit your counselor. Blessings, Missy

  8. You are making a wise choice, though difficult, that I can learn from. Respecting you, and love, Becky

  9. Joining you in the quiet...
    Love, Kristin

  10. a good challenge to us all! goodbye for december!

  11. Of course your *silent night* is understood!! You are talking to bloggers here. :) What a beautiful post Bevy. Beautiful. May the LORD indeed give you HIS peace and presence throughout this busy season...and may you know HIS hand upon you all in the coming year. Merry Christmas!

    Many Blessings to you!

  12. I missed this post and was wondering where you were. Glad it was a good news reason. Enjoy the holiday season, dear sister!


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