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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Daybook in December

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FOR TODAY ~ it's late afternoon.  The day after Christmas.  The weather outside is frightful.  I wish we had a warm cackling fire inside.  And since we all have no place to go, this evening... I thought I'd share my day with you.

Outside my window... the evening hour is settling in pretty quickly.  I can't see much outside at this point.  But earlier today it was snowing, along with a mixed precipitation of sleet and rain.  And, oh how the wind continues to whistle and howl.

I am thinking... it's rather nice to be inside.  Seriously.  I'm also thinking how much I love "stormy days/nights"... weird, eh?

I am thankful...for warm, comfortable shelter "in the time of storm", and for a family to share it with. Truly, I am.

In the kitchen...tonight is a covered dish of baked potatoes and smoked sausage, along with green beans and a leftover Christmas combo of homemade rolls & cheesy garlic biscuits.

I am wearing... a long jean skirt and brown and blue paisley blouse - soon it will be comfy PJ's.  Yes!!!!

I am creating... ((ideas are always in motion... and of course, this involves sewing.))

I am going... just a little crazy with all the sickness going on around here in our home.  Between ear aches/infections (needing rounds of antibiotics) and of course fevers that go along with that, to the coughing and other aches and pains associated.  This is just with the children...  ((Not fun!))

I am wondering...what must have it been like to have been Mary, the mother of Jesus?  To have one - the One - perfectly sinless child, alongside of her other children.  Seriously - at the end of the day, where were her thoughts. her feelings, her emotions...as a mother?   Maybe I'll share more thoughts on this another time...

I am reading... (and rereading) Christmas Cards and letters that have come over the past couple of weeks.  It's always good to hear from friends and family.

I am hoping... for a good dump of snow.  One where we're all snowed in and no one is truly going anywhere and we can invite all of our next-door neighbors over for a Soup and Game night!  All they have to do is walk on over.

 ((By the way, the writing of this post has now extended on into the 27th...))

I am looking forward to... to what the New Year - 2013 - will bring!

I am learning... that I have a long way to go in the aspect of being sweet, gentle and gracious when it comes to being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister, and a friend.

Around the house... it's quiet as of now.  The kids aren't feeling their best, still...one is asleep, and the other two are visiting with a little friend, Jessica, who is here for a couple of hours.  She is the little gal we watched all summer long.  She is also on Christmas Break and I suggested that she come by, one day, to play. :)

I am pondering...why things go the way they do, sometimes.  Why do we, at times, have to wrestle and question and argue with one another, ourselves, and with our Maker?

A favorite quote for today... (this one made me smile, this week!)
"The best way to double your money is to fold it over and stick it back in your pocket." ~ Abe Martin

One of my favorite things... is currently waking up to quiet inspirational music on our local Christian Radio Station, rather than the usual blaring and loud alarm clock.  You should try it some morning.  It makes a (HUGE) difference...

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Doctor Appointments
Cleaning up around the house, since 20+ people were here for Christmas Day, and Grandma Susie was here for almost two weeks!
Scott is planing on taking an exam, Saturday AM, for school.  Praying for a passing grade...

A peek into my day...

This photo was from Christmas Morning, but Jayne is still sporting these lovely little beauts today.  Love them!!

Joining up with Peggy and other Daybook-ers, HERE..  Take a look...


See you all in the New Year, Lord Willing.  Twenty - thirteen, here we come.  ;)

I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging (I've missed you much!) and in bringing in the New Year with a grand ole giveaway - Bags by Bevy style! - here, at Treasured Up and Pondered.  

I hope to hear from you, then.

Let me know how your month was...?  Was it as enjoyed and as stress-free as mine was?


  1. sounds like you have a lot of nice things going on

  2. NYC for my bay..40... a sleepover With 4 girls over.. and 5 celebrating with Chantel.. Chantel had the flu..cough and fever..after Tday.. and I had it 12.18.12 until Sat. 12.22.12 slowly able to eat, tough getting together with others energy wise. Looking forward to better health and strength in the year ahead.. Family vacation at home with Ralph now.. and trying to sort through family photos to put on CD.. and get rid of the 2 huge boxes and space they take up.. Working on vacation plans and hoping to take Ralph's aunt out of the nursing home tomorrow.. for lunch.. if not, we hope to visit with her anyway.. :-)

  3. That quote of the day was just perfect for me too - seeing as I'm being convicted on finances (but really who isn't after the holidays! ;) ) Made me lol!! ;) My month was busy - and fairly stress free, praise be to God on that! ;) I hope your family is feeling well soon!! Put in a prayer for your hubby and his exam! Oh, and I have to tell you, that I kept reading and hearing this past month, that part where Mary treasured up and pondered all these things in her heart and I couldn't help but think of you! ;)

  4. love the pic of those little feet....i can hear the noise the plastic makes as she toddles around the house...blessings to you and your family!

  5. Happy New year! Love the photo of Jayne's feet!

  6. Oh boy...we have had a few rounds of the flu going around our home too. Not fun! Hope you are all on the mend soon!!
    Very sweet Christmas-baby-feet. {{smile}} :)
    Wishing you a Blessed New Year!


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