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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{Cornbread} ... the rest of the story!

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Yesterday, I told you that I had an interesting story (or funny, to me!) about this cornbread.  Here it is. 

Mitzi, this one's for you...

Whenever we would go to our friends house for a meal and Rachelle (dear friend from Church) would serve her cornbread - which was often and we didn't mind one bit - (In fact, we would "hope and pray" that she would make this cornbread - because it was so good) my husband would always say to me..."babe, you've got to get this recipe".

(( if you need another look at the recipe - it is HERE!))

Now.  I make a good cornbread.  So I thought, and I still like mine, sometimes.  The recipe, I use(d)... it came off the back of the bag.  But Scott was right.  There was something about Rachelle's cornbread that was VERY different from mine.  Her's was a VERY moist & sweet and all around delish sort of bread!
You see,  I normally would use a Coarse Yellow Cornmeal (Unroasted).  And with the recipe she gave me... I tried and tried.  We ate cornbread at every turn -so it seemed.  But.  No use.  This was NOT like Rachelle's.

So.  One day. Rachelle sent home a container of the kind of cornmeal that she uses - roughly one cup.  We thought maybe this was the "deal".  She prefers a White Cornmeal.  And true, that made it seem a bit more like hers but still something was not "right".

I told her about it the next time we saw each other - that for some reason it still is just not turning out like her Cornbread does.  She asked me if I would like more of her cornmeal, which this was Rachelle's first clue (I didn't know this at the time but it got her to thinking), when I said "no! I still have some cornmeal in the container you gave - I'll just add from my own to make a full cup measure".

Ah ha~ the light bulb moment had come.  The next week at Church, Rachelle comes up to me with a smirk on her face and hands me a container with more cornmeal and a measuring spoon.  She asked me to try her spoon when I measured out my Baking Powder, the next I made it.  She has an idea... of just what might be going on.

Well.  We were having guests this particular Sunday dinner.  I decided to make Cornbread, to go with our meal.  (I know what your thinking, Geez!  these people sure do eat a lot of cornbread...)  But this time, just for fun,  and I had been telling this other friend about the weirdness of this story, of what I knew so far, we decided to see what we going on.  The recipe that Rachelle originally gave me called for 5 tsp. of Baking Powder.  

We quickly figured out her spoon did not measure a teaspoon.  IT MEASURED one and half teaspoons.  Even though printed on the spoon itself it read 1 tsp.  Rachelle said she thought about this before with other recipes...things wouldn't turn out for her, and she wondered if her measuring cups (remember the cornmeal?) and measuring spoons weren't off.  But she never was able to fully know as these are the only ones she owns. 

We figured out that it would take 7 1/2 tsp. (using my spoons) to make this cornbread turn out.   And turn out, it did. 


This time - not only was the bread VERY moist, sweet and all kinds of delish!  it was also nice and high and fluffy and not one bit dry or crumbly. 

I still use my Coarse Yellow Cornmeal... and my hubby is a happy man!  A VERY happy man.

For me, this was a fun discovery.

Speaking of discovery.  Here is another.

One of my most favorite ways to eat leftover Cornbread... particularly for breakfast, with my cup of coffee is this.  Warm it up nice and good in the microwave, with butter melting all into it.  Drizzle it with honey and sprinkle generously with cinnamon.  Eat with a fork...


You have to.  It's just that good.


  1. Wow this all just made me crazy hungry!!! ;) Hmmm, I think I will try adding more baking power to my cornbread- I love the way it looked in your pictures and I think it sounds AMAZING - I like the idea of fluffy, sweet, all kinds of delish cornbread! And yes it sounds like you eat a lot of cornbread - but hey, is that a bad thing??? ;) hahah!!

  2. I think your friend is brilliant. I'm not sure that I ever could have thought of that! I have a recipe that turns out more like your picture. The first time I served it we dubbed it corn cake because it had the taste and texture of cake, not bread. LOVE! It's not the only one I make but is definitely the favorite of most of us.

    The question you asked me was thought provoking. I thought (if you don't mind) I might answer it as a blog post on Thursday. If I decide not to I'll send you an email. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Ha! I enjoyed reading about this great cornbread mystery. Since then I have invested in a new set of measuring spoons, but I still use the old defective one when I make cornbread...to make sure it turns out just right. :)

    1. Rachelle, that is awesome! I'm glad you kept it(the old measuring spoon)... you had to! It would never, ever have been the same if you hadn't.

      I'm glad we figured this mystery out as well. ;) So good.


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