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Friday, January 4, 2013

:: Evergreen for Me :: Giveaway Winner, announced.

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And the lovely winner, by random generator, is...

Chris Ann Shultz

 I had asked a question something along the lines of, "What you were grateful to leave behind for the year of 2012
and what it was you are anticipating in the coming New Year".
This was Chris' reply comment...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will miss December too.. my favorite month of the year.. activity wise..

What I won't mind leaving behind is the pain of grief and loss.. that I have experienced the past 8 years.. 2005-2012 (pain continued through the first 1/2/ 3/4 of the year.)

Looking forward to God's continued RESTORATION.. my word of the year.. and just recently.. Chantel (my daughter) mentioned her desire for baptism.. so thinking about that.. and moving along in that direction when the church will allow age wise.. :-) Very proud of her.. as she makes so many decisions and she thinks seriously about her life and future.

The bag looks great.. enter my into your contest.. thanks. Chris Schultz

Chris Ann.  I have your mailing address.  I will get this bag out to you, ASAP.  Thank you for entering.

In my original post, I also said how each of my bags are named, where sometimes there is a story as to how each one got it's name and sometimes there isn't one.
For this one, I wasn't so sure what the story was or why I named it what I did.

Now, I know why it was named "Evergreen for Me".

Apparently...perhaps?... .just maybe...

Chris needs a daily constant reminder, over her shoulder, of the Lord's Everlasting Hope for her day-to-day.
Because she talked about RESTORATION.  Her word, for the year.

Evergreen - is the name of a tree that stays ever green.  It speaks of life.
Her true hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I know she knows that.  But somehow I hope by using this bag -on a daily basis, or as she chooses - that it will just be a testament to the goodness and kindness of God - who is her Soul-Restorer.



Have a good and fabulous weekend.  Blessings as you go.


  1. Thanks Bev... I'm so excited. :-) Wow, I need to print what you wrote to share with my spiritual director. I love what you said and will think of it.. as I use the Evergreen bag. :-)

  2. Bevy~~isn't it neat how He knew who would receive your beautiful bag, and why He directed you to name it Evergreen for Me? Just another reminder of Who is in charge of every aspect of our lives! Enjoy your new bag, Chris~~Bevy does beautiful work!

  3. This seems like God directed match indeed! I pray that the bag does bring a reminder of our Lord's everlasting hope to Chris - I know how often I need and have needed that! :) I think I may 'borrow' Chris' word RESTORATION a bit for myself this year! ♥


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