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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hat Maker

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Who knew I could turn Hat Maker for a chance to step back in time?  Lol!
I really did have some fun with this one.. back before Christmas.
The group above came together to act as an Mid-18th Century Caroling Group.
We called ourselves...

"Ye Olde Merry Carolers".

In the beginning, talks happened of what we would wear as our garb and costume.  One of the ladies, in the group, had a vision of Top Hats and Scarves and such... and that we would stand under an actual Lamp Post, etc., etc.

I kind of had the same idea and so it was born.
With a bit of "nerves" rolling in and the pressure to do a job as authentic as possible without spending a fortune... the challenge was on!   A lot of felt, and creativity. ;)

Actually, I used my son's green and white striped Cat in the Hat, hat for my inspiration.

I did enlist the help of my hubby to draw a near perfect circle so that I could have a decent template to work with.  We didn't have one of those compass thingies and so he used two pencils, my flexible measuring tape and his steady arm to draw it for me. 

 I mentioned the challenge.  Part of this challenge was doing online research in finding ideas of hats, poke bonnets and or shawls with which the caroling ladies of the day might have worn.

I did a lot of research.

Using what fabrics I had around, or borrowing a couple of already made hats and adding feathers and lots of ribbons made the increasing challenge all that more fun.  When they say that nothing sticks to a tin pie plate, they're right!  I could not get glue to stick to this thing.  I thought to use a pie plate for a base for one of the hats - to keep it's shape... and so that it would mold a bit to the head.  Eventually, I had to change my idea - partially - and only add glue to keep the fabric in tact, just to the far edge of the pie plate where there is all those little ridges (if you can picture what a disposable tin pie plate looks like).

Here you can see the top side of this one hat. I  added a stretchy hair band with flower clips (bought from HERE, a friend of mine from Church, who has her own etsy shop) and added a few Peacock Feathers, from another friend.

To take pictures during the concert was difficult for Scott.  The lighting was really, really low.  He had the little ones and so I took this one picture out of all of his attempts, and lightened it up a bit, to try and show you "the Carolers" in action.  Not the best photo... sorry.

The end of the evening... Finale.


I wish I had photos of the whole evening.  There was a chance for a family photo at the end of the concert, during the Fabulous Dessert Reception that followed.

That is when that first photo was taken. ;)


  1. WooHoo Bevy, It worked... Oh I could hug you... :)

  2. Wow a Hat Maker and Caroler... What talent... I love that era dont you.. such class.. anyway, trying this commenting thing again, so watch your emails.. I will keep in touch if any issues arise... and last but not least I bet all of you sounded beautiful as well as looked amazing..

  3. How adorable! I love it that you made the hats yourself rather than buying them online. You all look great!

  4. And quite a wonderful evening it was!! Right down to the costumes :) I have some pictures, not sure how good with the lighting, but will send to you!

  5. How FUN Bevy! You are one creative lady! You all looked very *Authentic* in your old fashioned clothing...I'm sure you sounded lovely too. :)

    Many Blessings,


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