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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Something Old and Something New

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I enjoy flowers as much when they get old and dried out as when they were fresh.  I don't know - I just look at those flowers, and in my mind, I still see the beauty they once had.  I never throw any of them away. 
~ as quoted by, VAN CLIBURN, Born 1934

 This can also be said for quilts.  ~ The Quiltie Ladies, The Quiltie Ladies Garden Journal


Doesn't this inspire you to pull out something old (such as random fabric scraps and such) and create something new?  It does me...

It's a brand new year.  Look out!


  1. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Last night I found Erin in the den with fabric spread across the floor and a handmade pattern pinned on... this is not something she does often but once she gets started, look out! She decided that since she couldn't find a summer dress pattern (in our stash) that suited her she would just make one up. :) She's much braver than I!

    Blessings, Debbie

    1. oohh, I like Erin. I like her bravery...;)

  2. These winter days make me want to crochet something!

  3. Bevy, my dad always bought flowers for my step mom and still does, but when they started to wither up and dry out, she would save them and put all the petals in a bowl and set in her home, sometimes she would add a special scent( kinda like homemade potpourri).. I find this to be a romantic gesture on her part..
    I also feel that with winter and a New Year, my soul gets renewed by a beautiful snowfall, or a heavy frost, etc..and with that I crave warmth and creativity...and of course a hot cup of cocoa..and something nice to read..I love to sew but with my eyesight not like it use to be, I have gotten away from it some.. Anyway, Cant wait until you share your new creations... Now thats a treat..

    1. That's cute... yes! a romantic gesture on her part for sure.

  4. I pulled out my vintage fabrics when I started decorating my new office. It is so wonderful to use things I've been saving for years just for something special like this!

    One of the things I have in here is a dried spray of baby's breath on a small, turquoise Hazel Atlas plate. Looking at it just makes me happy!


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