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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Family Circle

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Here of late, at lunch time, while "trying" to say our noon mealtime prayer and while Daddy's at work... it often seems to end in this little tiff between my two older children (ages 4 & 5) because they just can't seem to "reach" each others hand to pray.
By the end of the so-called prayer, one of them is either lying up on the table; stretching, trying to reach across the table, crying by now... or what have you.

This photo was taken on a good day.

By the way. In case you've wondered, when we pray, as a family, we usually always hold each others hand,to complete the circle.  So, this is what they're used to and expect I guess.

Well.  I've had enough of it.  So one afternoon, I told the children, "Look, rather than make a big fuss each time - during our lunch hour  - we can just fold our hands in front of us, etc. and we can still pray - peacefully and reverently."

Of course, that evening, at dinner time, when my husband came home from his hard day at work... and as a family we once more sat down to our meal; we bowed our heads and "circled up" and there was no fussing.  We all could reach...

The meal prayer ended.

And the clamor for dinner plates to be filled... began.

I asked them all to stop and said, "Wait, children, let's all take each others hand again... I want to show you something."

"Do you see this?  Look!  We can all reach and make a complete circle because Daddy's here.  There are no missing persons around this table. This is why it works at dinnertime and not at lunch. Having Daddy home, with us, is a BIG BLESSING and something we can  truly to be grateful for.  When someone is missing from their place at the table - there is a hole.  It can be a problem
 And we sure know and understand what its like to have someone missing... especially during lunch.
Scott looked at me and winked.

We are a Family Circle that Lord Willing will never be broken."
"A family that prays together stays together." ~ Al  Scalpone


  1. Aw, this was beautiful - almost cried a little here - it's true - and it's hitting harder on my as this is my hubby's second day back to work after being off for almost seven months on parental leave! What a beautiful illustration for your children (and your readers!) ;) :D

  2. What a great demonstration for your children.
    Holding hands is such a loving way of showing each other that they are important. The soft touch, of a loving hand, is so comforting.

    I always reach out for a hand during grace, no matter where I am.

  3. We never held hands while saying grace at mealtime, but I think I'll start it. What a nice thing to do and what a great illustration for your children.

  4. Beautiful and so true. I think of the many families i relate to at work who families circles are broken. Dad is gone. Something they never knew to have a Dad hold their hand and pray. Yes, Family Circles are a blessing!!

  5. Beautiful! How wonderful that you stopped filling the plates to expound on a perfect teaching moment!

  6. Such a sweet lesson...and so true! Thanks for sharing this special moment with your family :) Blessings to you!


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