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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I Treasured Up - all in one day!

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The three treasures I hold are...make that four.

Well, let me tell you about them...

Treasure #1.
Caleb: Mom, I have a really bad headache.
(we just picked him up from his morning at school, and were on our way home.)
Me:  Caleb, maybe it's that you're hungry.  You know?  Sometimes our tummy's have a way of talking to us - letting us know it's hungry and that is why we get headaches. You just might need to eat something. We're almost home...
Caleb:  But MO-o-om.  I didn't have time to talk with my tummy... I had school to do.

I don't know how many times this week - he has mentioned to me that his favorite thing to do is to stay at home and play with his sisters.  Well, guess what!  Today he's staying home.

That headache yesterday proved to put him on the couch, most of yesterday afternoon, and now he's down and out with a major head cold; coughing, runny nose, body aches and earache.  Again!

It' s 8:15 AM!  The kid is still sawing logs... I'm letting him.

The bus can go on by...which, it will!  In a mere 10 minutes...

Poor guy.
Treasure #2.

This little gal of mine... Miss Aubrey...is something else.

Guess what we're doing today?  Besides, her favorite thing to do... which is to help me make homemade bread.

We're tacking the cleaning of this, our main Refrigerator, today.  Inside and Out.  Because SOMEBODY decided to mess with the controls...

((Me: clearing of the "froat"...as Aubrey would call it.  I caught her in several other instances here of late, such as playing with the thermostat and... that wow!  if this doesn't keep me on my toes?  what does?))

So, yeah.  We're doing that today.  Hey, it REALLY needed to be done anyway.  I'm just so glad we discovered this, last evening, and not this morning or later.  Not to mention it was discovered just as our meal was on the table, ready to be served. I have no idea how long ago the controls were turned off.  But, thank the good Lord, we have two refrigerator's and could easily keep things cold in the other "working"one... but the freezer stuff was pretty much all thawed out.  (That's how I discovered it). Grrr...

A day or two ago... I could have put it all outside and it would have kept great.  eh? ;)

It was her way of admitting to it and apologizing... that I didn't get too cross.  Like I said, the job needed to be done anyway.
This morning.  I looked her in the eyes and sighed... and she's says, "What?".  I asked her, "What am I going to do with you?" - she replied, "feed me".

With what?

She laughed.

Treasure #3.

Here of late, for whatever reason, it seems that Jayne has been putting us through a ritual of settling down for the night.  Not every time.  Usually, she "begs" to go down the same time as the others and yet this includes - crying to insure that she will get her "hugs and kisses" in before she goes off to sleep.

Yesterday - she never got a nap in.  Grumpy Baby Bear.  And actually, she pulled an Aubrey trick by falling asleep at the table.  Aubrey would do that constantly, and still will.  Jayne doesn't do that.  Last evening she did.  I held her - then - while eating and kicked myself for not going with my gut-feeling of giving her, her bath earlier.

She soon woke up and the evening continued on. Baths were given out and the kids off to bed.  Only Jayne would not settle.

This was the moment of truth. 

My baby is growing up.  Fast.

I took her over to our room to the rocking chair.  Again, this is not normal.  The days of holding and rocking my babies have long passed...I guess.

She could not get comfortable.  Or, at least, she felt like she was uncomfortable to me as I held her.  Her feet dangling over the edge of the one armrest, her head bumping the other side, just off of my upper arm.

Soon it was her wrestling around to try and nestle her head on my shoulder - her legs and feet awkwardly trying to "fit somewhere"... it wasn't happening.

My baby! 

It hit me, this was the last...she, is my last.

We sang - Jesus loves me! her favorite, and others... and she is trying to sing along... in her babyenese.


I told her it was time for her to go back to her little bed; it was nighttime.  She willingly went...

Hugs and kisses all over again.  I covered her up and she grunted her little words of "gunt-gunt"... which I interpret to mean.

"Good -Night!"

But my favorite thing, of the whole evening, was when my hubby came downstairs (during his studies), after everyone finally settled, to find me in the kitchen; there he took me in his arms, no words, and held me, for a long, long time...
He knew I needed that, and...

Now... that!  I treasure.


  1. I loved reading about all these treasures from one day...such beautiful snapshots into the ordinary things of the day that you treasure up.

  2. Beautiful post Bevy! I *loved* all of it. But, especially that long hug at the end of the day! :)



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