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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

100th day!

.. .... .. .. . .. . .. ... .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. ... .. ... ... .. . . .. ... . .. ..  .. .. ...
Front of T-shirt:
...on the back:
Caleb has reached a milestone, at school.  He was take a white T-shirt and decorate it for his 100th day... we chose to do it in check marks.
Little sister Aubrey was our photographer on these next two photos...

Using a black marker on a white T-shirt was challenging to say the least... I felt and look like I was a hover-mom...See my hands?   But it was hard to do this and not smudge it up...worse than it already was.

Caleb got to wear this shirt to school, today,  for his 100th day celebration...

Enjoy your day today - my handsome dude!

Have Fun!! check. check.


  1. Awww cute! I love that Aubrey took those pictures, great job! :) Are there really 100 check marks there?? ;)

    1. Yup! we even hid one on the edge of his left sleeve - which of course you can't see it... now, can you?

      oh man...
      We even had to read and write down 100 books that were read together by this date.
      He had to count out 100 pieces of snacks to put into a combined snack bowl for his "party" today. (We chose Smarties - candy.)

      A big day!! Lots of fun...

  2. Ohh, I love smarties!!! My dad would always get them for me, to make me smarter! ;) :) Wow, 100 books! That's a lot! My hubby is the book reader (to the kids) in our house. I don't know if they have read 100 books but I'm sure he has read some of our books 100 times!! ;)


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