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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All in a day's work! ~ Scott's Silhouette

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Last week, Caleb's Kindergarten class was talking and reading books about shadows.  Of course, Ground Hog Day might have had some influence in that.  Perhaps?  Who knows.

But for Sharing Day (Show & Tell), which was last Friday, he was told to bring something in of his own Free Choice.
Most times the kids are given a suggestion of something to bring is - such as, "something made of wood", etc.

Since shadows was last weeks theme, we thought it would be fun and interesting for him to take in a silhouette of his dad.  This was from when his daddy was about 3 or 4 years old.

We're so glad to have this framed piece of my husband Scott, which will, one day, be a treasured family heirloom, for sure.

My husband just told me this evening that the gentleman artist who did this, did it freehand.  Wow!

This is something that I would love to have done for our children, or take the time to do it myself (I doubt I'd do it freehand, that's for sure).  I found what looks like to be an easy tutorial, on line.
I am excited to give it a try.

I was wondering.  Has anyone ever done this before?  Any tips?  Suggestions?
  How did it turn out for you?
And there is this...

One recent morning, at breakfast, I had the camera out to take a photo of something and my charming husband was giving me a hard time about it...oh, I know what it was now.  I was taking a photo of our breakfast casserole, just before we sat down to eat it - *new* recipe coming soon- and he thinks that sort of stuff is silly, especially when he's hungry and I can't blame him, but... anyway, I turned the camera on him as he was giving me a VERY, VERY goofy face.

It seems now like he is vindicated as it turned out to be another silhouette!!!!!!!

Oh, I'm so tempted to lighten the photo of this and reveal the true colors.
His. True. Colors. Just kidding...

All in a day's work!


  1. If you can, do the silhouettes of your children!
    How special they would be hanging up in your home.

    Speaking of home, what a beautiful view out your dining room window!

    1. Thanks for your comment Christine. Good to hear from you. As always is.

      Yes! that view is right out into the cow pasture. Which today is currently empty - but usually is either full of steer/cows or Canadian Geese.

      I will work on those silhouettes. I think it would be fun.


  2. Love Silhouettes. So great this will be in your family.I would love to try one sometime. Let me know how it goes. I just might try too!=)


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