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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God (still) Loves You!

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This morning, through writing out a comment on someone's blog, I thought of a follow-up story that I wanted to share... regarding handing out and spreading around some "kind and loving".

I believe it was last year... when the kids and I ventured out to hand out some hand written Valentines...

The place we intended to go was to a local Old Folk's Home... but the day was packed - planned full - for the residents there and so we left - disappointed.

But God.

God had a different plan in mind.  A different appointment - if you will.

We ended up going to my husband's work place and handing out our Valentines to Scott's co-workers.
My kids were 3 and 4 years of age at the time...and so of course!  this was as random as you can get.
They would reach into their bags and pull one out and hand it over.

The messages were all different.  But personable and God - related.

I keep thinking of this one single gal who unknowingly to me, at the time, had and would blatantly say that she does NOT believe in God.  At all.

If I would have known this about her - I think the "fear of man" would have reared it's ugly head and I would have been tempted to be sure that she would have received a "nice and play-it-safe" card that would have said something like this...

It looks nice on you."

But as we come by her desk.  My three year old (at the time) hands this gal a Valentine.
As Lisa took the Valentine from Aubrey, she said something about this being her first and only Valentine she had ever received.  Maybe I misunderstood her or she was just being nice... but she had it tacked up in her Cubicle at work for a long time after.  Somehow I like to believe that it was hand-picked for her.

The writing on the card said this...

God Loves You!

Lisa no longer works at Scott's place of employment... but I still think of Lisa.

and I pray for her.

I pray that this on this upcoming Valentine's Day - Lisa would remember that little ole Valentine encounter that said...

God Loves You!

And no matter what you may be thinking today, Lisa, God still does love you and He always will...


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Congratulations, Camille.


  1. Ooooh this is BEAUTIFUL!!! Our God is an amazing God!!! I loved this story Bevy!! :) It put a smile on my face today - and Lord knows I needed that! ♥

  2. Bevy, First, this gave me God Bumps... (our word for goosebumps when its God related)... loved this story, and I hope Lisa remembers too... Don't ya just love when God has a plan and it comes together and what's even more wonderful is when ya know he picked us to be part of his plan.. all I can say is I love your posts....

    ~ Connie S. (facebook comment)

  3. Beautiful. I love it when God foils our plan and replaces it with His. I'm sending up a prayer for Lisa right now. And one for your lovely children.. That as they continue to reach out to others with the Love of Christ, they will become bold warriors for the kingdom!!

    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. :)

    Blessings, Debbie


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