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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Good Job!

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The other evening I was thumbing through one of my favorite books when I had to stop... and let it soak in.

I confess that what I was reading, at the time, was not easy to absorb.

I, as a mother, don't always see it this way. 
At least not every day.

I also don't like it that I struggle with this...

I want to change.



This here is a summery of what I read.

"When your kids snuggle up to you on the couch because they want to sit as close to you as possible... than you know you've found your calling and that life is good".

Do you get this?  Or is it just me that is still in the process of growing up?  I mean, I honestly have never thought about it like this...before. 
Usually while my kids are snuggling up to me there is also arguing going on and fighting as to who was where first and until that gets settled down and figured out... the love of the story time has almost dissipated.   It's become a fight for me to find joy in that moment and turn it around...

Just being real here.

Since reading this book, though, I've been catching myself and working to not allow that "issue" to arise with them or me and pull them in a little closer long before there is a chance for any drama to unfold. 

It's getting better.


How is your week been going so far?  I would love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Bevy,
    It's nice to "see" YOU in the blog post. :) Having a good week so far. Busier than I like to be, but that is life. I've been filling in at the store more now since Edie had her surgery last week.
    Today is laundry day and clean-up day here at the house, so being the clean-freak I am, you could say it's a good day. Got more bags filled for the thrift store. Another plus. Paid some bills. Going to the chiropractor today, work tonight. Runnin errands tomorrow. More work on Friday and a nice weekend (hopefully) with the fam at home.
    That's it in a nut shell. ;)

    1. I get ya, Kelli. You're too funny.

      Nice seeing YOU too. ;)

      Miss you.

  2. Love the honesty here! Love the photo of you. I know what you are saying. There are times when snuggling turns into a big to do with all kinds of arguments, definitely not a sweet cuddly moment. But, in the moments when there is peace and I can really connect with my children that's when I can connect deeply with them.


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