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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One of a kind.

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Today I saw the Surgeon and we've scheduled my upcoming surgery for the 12th of March.  It's a Tuesday.

The surgery involves my right lower leg and my crazy vein issues.  I'll be having a Vein Ablation.
It needs to be done.  This isn't some cosmetic dream... my veins truly aren't working properly there... and over time it would only get worse.  Plus it's painful as it is.  Although I was assured today that if I chose to NOT do anything about it - I certainly wouldn't die from it.  Which was good to know. 
However, I'm still opting to have this taken care of.  It sounds like a relatively easy procedure and one that I'll recoup from pretty quickly.  As in, by the next day... I could be running on a Treadmill if I wanted.

Enough about that. 
 I don't own a treadmill...
I don't run.
Caleb turned a corner for the worse today.  I thought he was getting better as of yesterday, because his temp remained low grade.  But since Saturday he has been ill...with High Fevers!  So he was down yesterday and then today - he spiked again.  Very lethargic and not interested in eating...

I ended up taking him to the doctor this afternoon.  He most likely has a double ear infection.  The one ear for sure has a "furious infection" and the other she couldn't even see the ear drum it was so built up with wax..
But.  I've had him on a prn Albuterol Nebulizer treatment - every four hours - which probably has been his one saving grace.  Thank God! we have a system here at home that I've had to use multiple times before.
That - and Vicks on the feet!
I rub that stuff all over and in between the toes and over the tops of his feet... throw on some socks and what a difference that makes.  Wow!

I think we'll keep him home from school the rest of this week as well.. Might as well.  He's been out all week this far.

The girls are fine.  They got over their stuff...pretty quickly.  At least Aubrey has.  Jayne may give me a run for my money, yet.. 
But I pray not.

She's got that runny nose that has come out of nowhere.  Wait. Maybe from Caleb??

Oh.  One more thing.  You should be proud of me.  I know I am..

If you know our house.  You know this corner of our home (where I blog!) - really doesn't EVER look this good.  Clean.

I took the time yesterday to get serious about dusting.  And some series "housecleaning" took place..
And all of this -these three bags, plus - used to be on this shelf... but not no more.  

This next photo is to cause you to bring to mind my hubby, tomorrow evening, as he takes this next exam. 

I sincerely pray for a passing grade.  Whatever the outcome, pass or fail... we give Him praise!

And I want to leave you with this sweet little play-dough girl that Aubrey made today.  She told me that it started with first making a heart.  Then from there "you tear the heart in half"... with which she then formed this little gal.

I love  her "ideas and creativity" with the whole heart thingy...

You are special.  One of a kind.  You know that?  Do you believe that?
We are made, marvelously, and kept, securely, in the palm of HIS hand.

Me too.  I am uniquely special.  Amazed..at how much I am part of the Father's heart.

One of a kind.

I needed this reminder just as much.


  1. Oh Bevy, I'll be praying for each of you!! <3. I like your blogging corner! Great job cleaning it out!! (Especially with all you have going on around you!). Lovely photos today too. Such a sweet family. <3

  2. Hoping he feels better soon! Keeping you in my prayers for a quick recovery!


  3. You have had your hands full. Legs hurting, sick kidos and a husband deeply embedded in his school book. I have put you on my prayer list.
    Will you be having someone to help you after your surgery? Wished we lived closer, cause I'd be right over.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers..

    @ Christine: This surgery sounds like it will be fairly easy to recover from. Scott plans to take the whole week off - because there are follow up doctor visits, etc. that same week as well..

    The only "hard" thing for me, in recovery, is that I'm going to have to wear a compression type stocking 24hrs.(except for showers) for at least six weeks after.


    @Jill: Good to hear from you again. Caleb is better - and now today (Saturday) my baby, Jayne, has decided it is her turn to be sick. With fever, coughing, throwing up.

    @ Kaitlin: Wink-wink. Thanks for sweet comments. Yeah. Cleaning isn't a fav... around here. So when it happens - it gets celebrated. I think my dining room/blogging corner really did appreciate it greatly. True, is that.


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