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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A different sort of post...here. Can you help?

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I'm going out on a limb here.  I'm hoping for some help.

Recently, I've been receiving a lot of "unexpected" praise and encouragement regarding the content of my blog, here.  For which I'm really grateful.  Overwhelmed, acutally.

It's nice.
Nice to hear.

But with that comes a question.  Maybe there is something you, my reader, have been wanting to hear more about?  A question you've had...

Or perhaps a clarification?

I don't know.

I admit that I get a little "stage-fright", at times.  Especially with the open screen - the blank page - in front of me.  What to say? What to touch on?   I pray... all of the time... that I would just be a faithful blessing to any and all who read.


I'm asking for a few prompts.
I would love to take what you have/leave me with, into consideration and see what comes out of it.
No promises. 
And I will say that I reserve the right to use my discretion and any "gut feeling" I get to determine what should be discussed or not, etc.


As a fellow blog writer, what helps you in your own blog inspiration?  As a regular reader, here, what makes you want to keep on coming back time after time?  Thanks, in advance, for your honesty, encouragement and your feedback.


  1. I'm a fellow blogger and a reagular reader - hmmm...I keep coming back for...YOU! ;) I just like to hear what you have to say and peek into your life! I have been most encouraged/inspired from your posts about homemaking and hospitality though!! The one about making the bed everyday, (hmmm - older one on hospitality I think - going back a year or more...) that one really spoke to me and I have since made my bed just about everyday - and that used to be a feat - almost as bad as folding laundry! ;) lol!!!

  2. Oh Kaitlin - you crack me up. But, wow! thanks.

    Well. Good for you! with the whole bed thing. I remember you commenting on that when I wrote it - how much it inspired you.

    Doesn't it make you feel better? overall?

  3. As you know, I enjoy reading about your children. I understand if you don't want them expose.
    Your insights are always a pleasure to read. I guess I just enjoy hearing about you.
    Oh... maybe for one feature you could talk about how you were raised and if it's the same way you are raising your children.

    I know I can always find the truth when I visit your blog.

    PS What about Scott? To busy?

    1. Thanks for your ideas/suggestions - Christine.

      I think that is great you asking about Scott. Are you asking why he doesn't write his Scott's Second Sayings much anymore? I was just talking to him about that last evening.. ;) Maybe we'll hear from him again sometime soon. You're right... he is pretty busy.

  4. I'm with the ladies above... I come for YOU! :) I love your honesty about whatevers on your mind. I love your glimpses into the beauty of everyday life. I love your devotion to Our Savior, and how you relate Him to all aspects of life. Just keep goin'!! (and sewin'!!)
    And of course, we'll be praying for you Tuesday.


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