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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is there ever really such a thing?

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I sat down at the end of the day and soaked it all up.  The silence.  It was deafening.

There was something about this day that had put me into a tailspin.  It was LOUD.

But the quiet... now, here... was even louder.

Till it was all said and done..

I had no idea which one was better.

Which one I liked better.  Which way...I liked better.


Sometimes, that is truly the way it is... but in the reverse.  Is it not?

We turn on the noise to drown out the noise.

Have you ever found yourself doing that?

I have.

Yes!  There really (ever) is such a thing.

A quiet loud.

On second thought ... I want to add... Is there ever really such a thing as a near identical day?
 Because... Some days are like this.

Now, that is weird.

And to top it off.  I fell off the roof, perhaps which is why I ended up with a headache.

You're laughing.

It's okay.  Really it is.


  1. Fell off the roof? I'm going to enjoy hearing this story tomorrow evening! I have been praying for you, honest! Next time though I'll be sure it's about safety and roofs!

    1. Lol!!

      I sure do appreciate your prayers. It never hurts to pray about safety (and roofs)... for sure.

      Can't wait to see you tonight! Lord Willing..

  2. What?? What were you doing on the roof??? I'm glad you're okay! I know what you mean though, about tuning up the noise to drown out the noise! I hope today is filled with blessings and His peace! ♥

    1. Oh, and your flowers are just lovely!! Make me long for Spring and the wildflowers from my yard!

    2. Kaitlin - my Aubrey took this photo. I'm learning to "enjoy" photos from the kids perspective. You know how it is? The kids always want a turn to use the camera, whenever you pull it out - at least mine do. I'm so tempted to always say "no" (potential disaster, etc.)... but in learning to say "yes!" more often - there have been some really neat things that have come out of it.

      Cha - Ching...still learning, here.

      I'm going to let you wonder about that roof. okay?

  3. Make sure I'm in on the conversation about the roof tonight.... !!!
    Wow, yes, we do turn up the noise to drown out the noise. Thought to ponder. Last night though, I couldn't stand the noise (literally), so I started whispering to my kids. That gets things quiet - at least for a minute. Isn't that funny?
    I do SO enjoy the quiet...

  4. OK, up on the roof??? I hope you got done what ever it was you were doing cause I wouldn't want you back up there.

    As I am reading your words, I thought back a few years(yes, I've been reading your blog of a few years now) and I see how you have developed into the most wonderful teacher/mother! You are a great mother! I remember when it was challenging. Look at you now! You have three adorable, curious, loving, and happy children. You have a side business and take care of the home and family.
    Bevy, you have grown and I'm so happy to be apart of watching you bloom.

    Now, don't go up on the roof...


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