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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sail away with me!

.. .. .... .. .. . .. ... .. ... .. . .. . .. .. . .. ... .. .. .. ..  ... .. .. .. .. .. . . .. ..

Some days we just sail around in shoe-boats.  Or, wait. Is that a car?  Oh! I'm sorry.  It's supposed to be a car.  In which, big brother rams into hers with another...

All I can say is that I LOVE this little girls imagination.  Day in and day out.

It gets pretty active, to say the least.  You should hear it sometimes...


I still think this should be a boat...a float... drifting off into the sunset. 


Come.  Sail away with me?  There is still room..

To the land of imagination at it's best!


  1. Oh, to have that kind of imagination.
    As I grew older, I lost a lot of my imagination. Way to serious now. Audrey makes me want to think outside my box and use that long, lost, little, girl imagination. ~sigh~

  2. There is nothing like a child's imagination.. So dear..
    Take care, my friend..

  3. Yes, imagination! I love it! I enjoy listening in on my kids playing when they don't realize I am and I hear the most amazing stories!

    Love the car/boat! :)

    Hope you are doing well! Have a great day!

  4. An invitation I wish I could accept! ;) The girls and I watch a set of 3 year old twin girls and I could play with them all day. LOVE!

    Blessings, Debbie


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