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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Center of it all..

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I don't mean to keep talking about my surgery or this Marriage Conference we recently attended... but with those two things behind me ... I thought I would share a few thoughts I've had since that have intertwined the two.

The surgery took place a few days before the conference.

I was not necessarily in pain - rather it was more of discomfort associated with guarding myself to keep from pain... but I felt, while at this conference, like I could not sit another minute.  Part of making myself more comfortable, though, at the conference was to sit on the the outer edge of the room with my "bum" leg up on an extra chair.

I didn't want to be in the way.  I certainly could not sit in the middle of the room - in case I needed to get up quickly and walk around.  There was no way I wanted to bother anyone.

Sitting on the outer fringe, in the front row, had another perspective come my way.  I could see faces...back through and over the crowd.  Totally an assumption here... but can I say hurting; I saw lots of other hurting faces?

Though mine was winced with a physical pain or discomfort... my heart also was hurting.  Hard to admit.
This was a  place; a time for healing to happen.

Not just me.  But, for many.

When someone is truly hurting... they do their best to be on the "outer fringe".  Out of the way.  Able to get up quickly and "out of there" if need be.  We seek escape!  You would think it would be the opposite.  Choosing to "hide" with their hurts, deep in the middle of the throng.

But.  To get lost in the crowd, or to be stuck in the middle, or enclosed in the center of a crowd ... might incur "panic" and even more pain.

I remember at one point in my life.  I was in between churches.  Having left a rather small church where everybody knew everyone and everything (about me) (which can be a good thing!); to then go to a LARGE  -overwhelmingly large - church where I could just go and get lost in the crowd.  The truth is, is that I meant to go there so that I could "hide" for awhile.   Test the waters..

Do you think I went front and center, into the middle of the crowd - to "hide" there?

No way!

I stayed on the outer fringe... just in case.  And eventually, I warmed up.
Ready to enter in.


"A heart at peace gives life to the body..." 

~ Proverbs 14:30a (NIV)

Friends.  What is in the Center?  Who is the Center - of a place and heart at peace?

As the above verse suggests...
When one is truly at peace (healing has happened) then to dwell in the center of the crowd assumes that LIFE will be extended to those on the "outer edge" of the crowd.

I just love the picture.

I have been a recipient of that kind of outpouring.

But. Know this.
It is Jesus Christ who is truly the Center of it all.

He is the Center.


  1. Good ponderings here! Yes, He should always be the center!! I can get so distracted and lose the grounging in Him - but our lives need to be centered on Him and in Him! ♥

  2. Bevy this was so well said. An interesting picture and one I've never really thought of in this way before.


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