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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The "W" in Winter! (and some updates)

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I know you have been waiting for this one.  Actually, so have I. But I almost waited too long.
Especially, with after today's temps of being in and around the 60's..(wonderfully weird) I thought about how I'd better hurry up and get this one out there... as our Winter Season is soon over - isn't it?

I love Winter, but not as much as Fall. Spring is my next best favorite (yay!). The obvious, need I say?, is that I don't enjoy Summer much at all.  At least, the way that most folks might.

There are so many things about this winter season that are special for me.  This specialness... It's everywhere present-particularly when it snows.  In fact, just yesterday morning we got more than a few flurries... it hung around for most of the morning.  Very peaceful and very pretty.
By mid day  - it was DONE, GONE!


This white-ish photo is of my son trying to catch a snowflake or two on his tongue, while we were out waiting for the bus... and I thought he was going to fall over in laughter over it.  Lots of fun!!
I always marvel at the snow-covered coating of trees and shrubs and bushes...  I love how it brings a definition.  It closes in and the world feels "slowed" and hushed.  It's as though there lies a blanket... and everything is "at rest".

Winter Wonderland

God's Word says, Let it...Fall on the Earth!


When I think of winter - I think warm and cozy! Even though the outdoors do declare otherwise.  There is something about this photo that just speaks of warmth.  Doesn't it?
 At least it is bringing on the "warm welcome" as you walk the walkway up into the home.  Lovely.

Winter Wonderland

Have you ever tried to do this?  Make Ice globes?  I have used mason jars, before, with Epsom salt and candles outside along the snowy walk way - but never something like this.  I'm really liking it..

I'm trying to envision what might be inside this home - to aid in the warmth to be found there.

Warm hearts.  Warm friendly faces.  Woolen or Fleece Blankets.  Comforting Soup.  The smell of fresh baked bread.  A Cozy Fireplace.  Hot Chocolate or a steamy cup of coffee. Warm fuzzy socks or  comfy slippers. 
I like to think in threes... and the third "W" is for wonder.

The *Wonder* of it all.

In the barrenness and cold heart of winter there is a wonder.
Photo: The One setting on the throne said, "Look, I am making everything new!“  Revelation 21:5

Your creator has amazing plans that still lie in front of you.  No matter what has come to you, the disappointments you have know, the consequences you have received, or the wounds you have kept down.  Even if you have truly failed or wasted a lot of precious time.  Hear me shout this life giving truth:  It's never too late to dance with God! ~Angela Thomas

Blessings Soul Friends
{photo credit}

I love what this photo is saying.  The truth in it couldn't be more WONDERful.

For some update...

I was really trying to get this post out yesterday..but it never happened.  Today, we spent the day out in Lancaster Co. area - grocery shopping.  It was the most beautiful of days.  So Spring like.  It was hard to come back home and think that winter is technically still here.

Today, I saw some lovely lines of laundry - blowing sweetly in the breezes.  Some patches of yellow crocus' coming through...
The kids wanted to give-up their coats/jackets for just their long sleeves.  Lots of people were out riding their bikes and people were taking walks or should I say, dogs take their people out walking... ;)
It really was a beautiful day.

My husband, Scott , is planning to take this coming week off of work - due to some vacation time allotted.  Use it or lose it.  It's actually perfect - because coming up on Tuesday is my scheduled Vein Ablation surgery. (pray for me if you think of it) and so - I'm not sure how much time I will be "posting" on line this week.
I just wanted to give you a head's up.  Scott will be hanging out with me on Tuesday - at the hospital, etc.

But.  Also - he (Scott) is working on a 10-day Boot Camp course of study (he finishes up on Wednesday) and so this has been a bit of stressful week.  So if you think of our family this week - whisper a little prayer.  Will you?

Enjoy your day in the Lord's House, tomorrow.  
Come before HIS presence with his singing..


  1. I'll be praying for ya. Keep us "posted" on how you're doing. ;)

  2. Hi! I will definitely keep you in my prayers for Tuesday. Please keep us updated!

    I hope you had fun shopping in Lancaster County yesterday! I was out and about too, what a lovely day it was. Did you get any good deals?

    Have a great Sunday! Oh, did you get my last email? If not, let me know!


  3. Lovely post Bevy. Will be praying for you. Have a wonderful week with your hubby at home :o)

  4. I always love your photography skills, you make each picture so alive and warm.

    Will be praying for your surgery and recovery.

  5. I will be praying for a quick recovery for you Bevy! Loved your three W's such beauty there.


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