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Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Julian (Christina)... and friends!

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Dear friend,
I hope this "letter" finds you and your family well. I've been thinking of you, and your family...and praying for you.  I've missed your "presence" through regular comments here on my blog, mostly during my 31 days ~ Series on Hospitality, and I know at one time you had mentioned that you would like to email  - but I cannot find your address.  I thought you sent it to me (in one of your comments..).  I hope you don't mind that I have chosen to "contact" you through a blog post.  I couldn't think of another way. I apologize for not keeping in touch, like you had hoped..

I don't even know if you read much here at Treasured Up and Pondered anymore but I do know that when you did your interaction, your thoughts, your encouragement - through that series- meant a lot to me and I wanted you to know.  Thank you!

So, if I may I ask... How have you been growing in your extending of hospitality?  I guess I wonder if anything shared in that series still affects you and helps you through the daily seasons of your life?  If so, I would love to hear about it.  I know (assume!) your another busy wife and mother... and that your days have been full of family activities and life in general.

If you have found time and you're still reading here, I would love to know that too!  (smile!)

I hope you have yourself a wonderful Easter Weekend.  

Celebrating our Risen Saviour!

To the rest of you.. my friends.

Can I just tell you how much I much enjoy "Out of the Grey"?  I Love them...they are Scott and Christine Dente ~ husband and wife duo.  Oldies - ish, but goodies...
I've been listening to one of their CD - Diamond Days - for the past couple of days... and just cannot get enough of them.

I have also been enjoying finding bits and pieces of Spring - coming alive in and around the homestead.

Robins singing and flitting around the yard.  

We saw another bunny in our yard - probably living under the back side porch.  Our whole family had fun, last evening, looking back at her, through the window, as she sat in the yard looking up at us.  She sat there, saying "nothing at all" (because that is what bunnies say...); just twitching her nose.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_1KB_jf2EQuw/S6-qFowwrQI/AAAAAAAABbU/Xzc7fOJXllA/s1600/P3250151.JPGThe daffodils are popping through.. I have even seen some yellow blooms here and there!! 

The sunshine is getting brighter and warmer first thing in the morning..
and you know what that does?  

Oh my windows...they  let me know... they tell me.

It shows me that it is time for the upcoming SPRING CLEANING... that must be done.  

Must be done.

Must be done...
I wanted to quick show you, too, the Easter cards that the kids and I worked on making together to send to Grandma Susie - in NY.

These cards are full of wonderful handwritten promises and reminders of how that Jesus is ALIVE and how much she is loved.  We hope she is blessed (surprised!)..

Well, I'm going to run.  My four year old is "washing dishes" and might just need some supervision.. (ahem!) My baby is NOT wanting to take a nap - can you blame her?


I've decided I'm going to take a bit of a blog break for week or so.  (You know why?  that Spring Cleaning I just talked about - yeah!  Along with some serious sewing...)
So, feel free to browse the blog - take your time through the archives.  Leave me comments!  Lots of them!! - I'll check in  and make sure your comments are getting through and will try to reply to any I receive.  

(You might... You might get one blog post yet, from my hubby.  He talked about wanting to do one for the 2nd of April.  You know, Scott's Second Sayings!  We'll see...if he follows through.)


Now.  Off I go...
Have a Wonderful Easter.  
And, I'll see you back here in a couple of days...



  1. Out of the Grey is one of my all tine favorites!!!!
    Have you heard "Becoming" ? It's just Christine - excellent!!!!!!!!!

    1. What album is it on? I have several of their CD's - but I don't know that I've heard it.

      I would love to hear it..

  2. HAPPY EASTER BEVY and FAMILY!!! I love those cards, they are soo adorable!! I will have to check out that 'band' - I love music...(do I say that too much?!?!) and I am always looking for new stuff!! My baby didn't want to nap today either - and oh...I think that Spring air is just around the corner for us!! Blessings!!

    1. Thank you - Kaitlin! Same wishes to you and yours as well..

      If you can take a listen to them on ... you should. I don't know that they have anything "new" out - at this point.

      Love them.

  3. Happy Easter my friend. Just wanted to say to enjoy your little blog break. Will miss ya, but you deserve to take a break...now and then.

  4. Happy Easter my friend.. Have a great week and don't work too hard... smile..

  5. Oh yes I do understand about the spring cleaning need! I've begun to tackle it some, but the biggies are still waiting.. Tell the kids that I wish I was their grandma so I could receive such beautiful cards. And Scott, "you need to post. I'd love to 'hear' what you have to say!" :)

    As for those quiet bunnies of yours.. mine talk up a storm, you just need to engage them. Ask them about their kids, they love that one. They'll talk on and on about their kids, really!

    Blessings, Debbie


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