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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Daybook in April

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FOR TODAY ~ Happy Monday morning, to you!

Outside my window... the raindrops are falling.  It is a beautiful but very grey day, today.  Just lovely.

I am thinking... oh my goodness!  Here it is, two days away from the end of April and I almost forgot about doing this here Daybook..  Thanks for reading along.

I am thankful... for such a hardworking husband.  This man, my man!, "ENJOYS" getting his hands dirty - every once in awhile.  He is not all study books and computers...as one might think.  What a great woodcutting weekend, working alongside our brother-in-law!  I'm also thankful for safety...throughout the weekend.  God is good.

In the kitchen... A TICKING CLOCK!   always a ticking clock.  And coffee.  Always coffee!

I am wearing... a long jean skirt with a salmon, purple and green flowered blouse.

I am creating... (last evening) I almost finished up another bag order for a dear friend of mine.  She has been so patient. (Thank you, Annie!) Just a couple more stitches and it needs a name!  I will show pictures of it when I can..

I am going...  to have to get milk, today and probably some bread - unless I get to baking some.  Which will probably be more like it.  That is, if I have enough flour...?

I am wondering... Did you sleep good last night?  I don't know why - but around here we always ask each other that question- when we first wake up (the kids, too!).  I guess it is just another way of knowing and being known. ;)

I am reading... "Begin each day with a grateful heart"... which is a saying written on the side of my latest and favorite coffee cup.  That said... here is what I'm hoping.

I am hoping... to host another GATHERING through Blessings Unlimited, sometime next month.  So stay tuned.  That is where this particular mug came from and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to...the possibility of including you ... my dear friend and reader... into the benefit of placing an order for yourself or at best, entering a giveaway (of monetary value) towards something of your choice at that point.  Stay tuned.  Hey, I said that already, didn't I?  Well, it's true.  More details are forthcoming...

I am learning... to appreciate the distinct (and differing) love languages of each of my children and my husband.  It's neat.

Around the house... it feels good!  This thing that is still happening.  Spring Cleaning!  Yes, it is!! How many bags and boxes moved out of here the other day?  Can't remember..

I am pondering... why?  Why is it, though, that as soon one room is "completed and clean" - you turn around and the dust has settled - once more - and it is time to do it all over, again?

A favorite quote for today... taken from "Life's Little Treasure Book On Marriage and Family"..
Hold your child's hand every chance you get.  The time will come all too soon when he or she won't let you.
I'm finding this little nugget of truth and wisdom to be so true...already!!
Updated to Add:  I just got a sweet email letter today from an old friend... and I want to include a quote in my post today - of something she said.  It brought me to tears.  I loved it.  She said..
To be in our children's memories tomorrow we need to be in there lives today and at the end of the day, that leaves little time for much else;) ~ Amanda.

One of my favorite things... having my son or daughter whisper "secrets" (or whatever) into my ear.  Too Cute!  It usually starts out with, "Mom, I have to tell you something..."!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  It looks like a normal week, for us... a couple of Doctor appointments, as we enter the month of May, and a major 6-week grocery shop coming up this Saturday.

A peek into my day...

Another laundry day, of sorts...despite the weather.


Joining up with Peggy from The Simple Woman's Daybook.


  1. Lovely Daybook entry Bevy. We have also had a bit of rain here today and I was reminded of how LOVELY it smells when it rains! What a blessing. I just love that cute little snap of your little one with her underwear on her head! Too cute :o)

    1. I think every kid has one of those photos of them around some where, don't you think?

      She was too funny... I just had to share.

  2. Oh my Bevy, someone needs to tell Jayne which "end" those unders go on. :)
    We've been busy here at the Schwartz homestead as well. Andy cut down trees and got real dirty this weekend too. You're right, it's great to have a man who doesn't mind getting dirty.
    And, since you asked...I didn't sleep all that great last night, or the past several nights for that matter. I'm married to a snorer. (Is that a word?) Ugh!

    1. You know... I'm hoping maybe this summer? She'll get it figured out? Hopefully she stays interested...and hopefully I'm not being too hopeful.

      You're right. I did ask if you slept well.

      Snorer, eh? So am I. You're going to die of laughter here. But I was just talking to my husband this morning about this very thing. MY KIDS slept till like 8:15am Sunday Morning - that never happens - unless daddy is home. I said it's probably got something to do with his snoring. They hear it and it keeps them lulled to sleep.

  3. Lovely post and such a sweet child..


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