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Monday, April 22, 2013

So, you can too..

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Cherish the Plain and Ordinary of Today...

What really does that look like?

I said on Friday that this is what I wanted to do.  So, over the weekend, I set out to really think through what this meant for me. I know I posted a similar post some time ago.  But I don't want to forget and go on - not counting my blessings.
 Hopefully - you were inspired to note and cherish the plain and ordinary of your day, as well. 

A few that come to mind:

Hanging several loads of laundry under clear blue skies..
Green grass, lush, under my feet..despite the mud-puddles, throughout the lawn, and children who like to slop around in them with good shoes on..
The songbirds singing away..
My husband, the handy-man, that he is...over and over... putting his talent(s) to work..
An Acceptance Letter come through for my Aubrey- into Pre-Kindergarten, for the Fall..
The battle with kitchen ants is still on.. but with it comes a call for patience and persistence..
these are just a few!
One more..
The other morning my five year old son and I were talking about Scrambled Eggs!  How I make them, today, is how my mother (Grandma!) always made them for me, growing up.
"Mom, I know Grandma makes good scrambled eggs - but yours are way better!"

(I say, I learned from the best!)

.. ooh! that felt so good to hear. Talk about getting the warm and fuzzies..

How about you?  What were some of your cherished few, from over the weekend - or maybe just from this morning?  Leave them in the comment section below..

I would love to hear from you today!


  1. I just got an email from my (out of state) daughter, telling me to pack my bags. She is having some contractions, not steady but it has started.
    Little does she know, my bags are already packed!
    Ordinary, not really, but cherished for sure.

    1. Oh! how exciting for you Christine...
      amen! Cherished - for sure.

      Can't wait to hear (read) all about it. ;)

  2. Thank you for the reminder to recall and cherish those special moments that go by so quickly.
    My husband and I had many moments to cherish yesterday with our grandson. It was the first time my grandson (3 yrs old) had ever experienced trying to fly a kite. He and my husband were playing at trying to get the kite into the sky, and I was trying to get pictures. It was a gorgeous spring day and all three of us had a wonderful time.


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