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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"too bad that puddle wasn't a river"

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Spring Cleaning: It is still in progress.  Okay...

Since I live in Redneck Country.  Meaning, I live in a house with my husband. ;) (smile! Hey, we joke about this..)  I thought it would be a brilliant idea to take a couple of my very dusty wreaths - that I have hanging in my kitchen - out to the large puddle, that had formed overnight in our front yard.

Cleaning them, there, was a cinch.  I hung them off the porch to dry...

My husband not being very fond of the "bird-nest-type thingy" (ahem, wreaths...) said this, when I told him what I had done..

"Hmm! Too bad that puddle wasn't a river...(said with a wink and a smirk!)"

I am grateful that I was able to laugh about it then...and, I'm still chuckling about it now. I like my wreaths...

I liked my "redneck" way/idea for cleaning them, even more.  I think, down deep, he was impressed!

Here is one way NOT to Spring Clean..

 Two long-loved coffee mugs, lost their handles, on the same day or there about...

Again, beings we live in Redneck Country - an immediate suggestion was made, that they could get turned into pen holders.  Which, if I recall... we have one in the house (same sort of mug) already, from along time ago... which, at that point-in-time, the mug turned into a pen holder was my idea.

So, my question is, have I turned "redneck" or have I been one all along?

Enjoy your day!


  1. I think Scott may be rubbing off on you...a little. HAHA!! But, if you're a redneck, then I'm one too. What do you think holds my pens on our desk? I don't think it's redneck, just resourceful. As far as the wreaths go, I love em, and hey, who says it's a bad thing if the birds make a nest in them? And, I'm sure there are a few things of Scott's you'd like to send down the river. :)
    You two are great. Getting my back yard cleaned up and ready for a get-together. Okay?

  2. If Redneck means practical, then call me a Redneck, too!
    Love the puddle cleaning idea! Those are some big wreaths and the tub wouldn't cut it. Great Redneck idea!

  3. Hi Bev,
    The best way to clean wreaths is to use an air compressor to blow all the dust away. Works with even intricate wreaths that contain berries, feathers, etc. Scott has an air compressor, eh ?


  4. Well, that makes me a redneck too! I also use old mugs and cups that have some sort of memory attached for pencils and pens. I use them for "catch alls" too. You know, to hold little things that you don't want to part with but you have no idea what they belong to??? Yes, I have plenty of those things!

    But my pencil mugs still have the handles attached - does that make me a Redneck Lite??? :)


  5. That is too funny, I do the same thing with my wreaths! I have even dipped the smaller ones in the tub and gently swooshed them around. If a few flowers came off they could be easily put back on.


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